SEKIRO - "shadows learns the game" made Easy

Hi folks, I wish to create a page for one of the best games which might help you as players leave this game as they don’t feel motivated. This was the toughest game I ever played but then I realized this game is not about brawl - it’s a puzzle. I wanted to keep in bullet points and has some spoilers. I took help from youtube videos and would like to share them.
Please feel free to comment any suggestions and question on this game.

Disclaimer: I did not stick to one youtube guide, I mentioned the youtube of different guides which I felt easy for me and there might be other easy guides too. Different guide has different ways of beating and it depends on the patch updates.

Who can Play: Gamers with patience like Hitman fans - stealth, game pattern analyst and willing to learn.

Overall Aim: To beat Main Bosses and Mini Bosses in the way blocking them

Trick: “Learn > Upgrade > Fight” as per the parameters of the Mini Boss and Main Boss

Your Two Outcomes:
Failure: Attacking without synchronization
Success: Attacking with synchronization and tools/techniques based on the enemy’s weakness

You vs Enemy:
Enemy dies when the posture meter max or health goes down
You die only when the health goes down and staggers when posture meter max
So, you are stronger than the Enemy (both have 2 rounds of match - resurrection)

My Timetable you may follow:

  1. Early Morning for Boss Fights and Analysis (when mind is fresh)
  2. Afternoon and Evening for boring stuffs like farming xp/loot/coins with bell demon - Upgrade
  3. Late Night for Exploration or Analysis
  • Start fresh tomorrow when you are de-motivated

Key Tips:

  • Don’t watch any youtube Raged video - which will rage you too - just relax and use your awesome brain
  • Always get behind enemies in stealth by crouching and once the red marker and Death Blow - mentioned as “Stealth Deathblow”
  • You can Sprint/Run by Holding the Dodge button (and Move sticks) and Double Jump on wall
  • Hold Action to collect loot from dead enemies (items and coins)
  • Look for an enemy who gives high xp (or important loot) and is near to an idol - for xp farming (will mention about this below youtube)
  • Collect as much gourd seed and prayer beads as early as possible as Prayer Beads increases your health and Gourd Seeds refills your Health
  • Switch on the Bell Demon and Off multiple times - Bell Demon increases the rate/amount of Loot and Coins
  • Don’t waste items and save them like Snap Seeds, Devine Grass and Devine Confetti (Devine Confetti can be farmed later)
  • Explore the map as much and beat the blocking bosses
  • Some Youtube videos walkthrough like cheesing bosses might not work as the game is updated with patch (Cheesing bosses is tricking / beating the boss with glitches)
  • Train with undying the immortal in Dilapidated Temple and learn and memorize all moves - use for practice like block and parry
  • Trust me the below map is the best on the internet (as first it looks confusing)
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice player creates brilliant map of item locations, boss encounters and more | VG247

Here are my steps by step flow chart (which I took) supporting the above points:

Phase 1 (Reaching Ashina Castle)

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A. Prologue

  1. Get the sword
  2. Ignore/Skip first mini boss - “Leader Shigenori Yamauchi” - just run past him on the right-side tree behind him
  3. Lose to Genichiro Ashina (no need to waste your time on this)
  4. Get your Prosthetic Arm

B. Get to Hirata Estate

  1. Run and activate the three Fast Travel Idols - Ashina Outskirts, Wall Gate Path, Wall Stairways.
  2. Ignore the Samurai and Chained Ogre for now
  3. Collect Shuriken Tool
  4. Get the key (bell) to Hirata Estate from the NPC

C. Hirata Estate Tools and Coins

  1. Gather coins and xp by killing the enemies
  2. Collect Flame Vent Tool, Loaded Axe Tool from Hirata Estate
  3. Return to Outskirts Wall Stairway or gate path Idol and buy Firecracker Tool

D. MINI BOSS Chained Ogre - Opens the Bell Demon Temple and first main boss - Gyoubu Horseman

  • youtube link below
  • Ignore all the samurai for now - you may try for the gourd seed samurai if you wish

E. Bell Demon Temple (this step can be used again and again while upgrading)

  1. Run past and ignore the Headless Ako and activate Bell Demon’s Temple Idol behind a secret door (next time just fast travel here)
  2. Use the Bell if you want to gather coins and loots (in addition you can gain xp) - use only stealth death blows
  3. Remove the bell by using it anywhere before fighting any boss.

F. Great Serpent 1

  1. Activate Under Bridge Valley idol
  2. Stealth pass the Serpent - do not fight it - (you will always die fighting it)
  3. Stealth Death blow at the end - * look for any youtube videos on this
  4. Activate Ashina Castle Gate Fortress idol

G. Hirata Estate - Upgrade yourself (before facing Gyoubu Horseman)

  1. With Bell Demon on Hirata Estate - gain xp and items as much as you can
  2. You may kill the fishes on surface and get 4 carp scales - don’t buy anything now - once you have 5 carp scales - buy Floating Text Passage.
  3. Explore - there is a shortcut through the river on the left (before facing the mini boss (Shinobi Hunter) which leads to Main Hall (*this is not mentioned in map)
  4. Get Mikiri Counter skill and beat Shinobi Hunter - * youtube link below
  5. Upgrade yourself and beat the Giant Drunkard - * youtube link below
  6. You may visit the dying Owl and get the key to Hidden Temple however avoid Lady Butterfly now (especially dont waste the rare Snap Seeds)

H. Beat two Samurai - Upgrade yourself (before facing Gyoubu Horseman)

  1. Beat the two remaining Samurai - * youtube link below
  2. Now you have 6 Prayer beads and got 2 Gourd Seed (3 in total) - Make a Prayer Bead out of the 4 seeds.
  3. Upgrade Grappling Hook Attack, all spirit emblem and gourd seed upgrade

I. MAIN BOSS - Gyoubu Horseman - * youtube link below

J. Upgrade before Blazing Bull

  1. Upgrade your XP for ShadowRush (one of the best moves)
  2. Collect the prayer bead and buy gourd seed on Ashina Castle Gate
  3. If possible complete Tengu Storyline for Ashina arts - flowing water skill

K. MINI BOSS - Blazing Bull - * youtube link below

L. Activate Ashina Castle idol - which will open more explorations

  1. You collected 8 prayer beads now - 4 you used and 2 after Gyoubu Horseman
  2. Upgrade the second Prayer bead

Phase 2 (Work In progress)

About some Sekiro Youtuber Guides:

  1. Tyrannicon - His commentary on the bosses gives motivation to beat as he says its easy (like a gym trainer)
  2. I.Eat.Games - He focusses more item usage and explains well with markers and pointers while pausing the video

Boss Fight Practice: You need to study the bosses’ strength and weakness.
For that equip only the gourd and remove any other items unless it can be refilled in fast travel idols. Here you will die a lot unless if you can use the Homeward Idol. For Mini bosses - the area is not locked, for main boss one you enter you cannot leave the area.

1. Defense Practice

  • When to Block
  • When to Parry
  • When to Jump or Double Jump
  • When to dodge or run
  • When the un-blockable danger sign appears

2. Item Use Practice

  • When to use the items as it takes ~ 2 seconds to use items
  • Try using Gourd seed for practice

3. Attack Practice
Three Option to choose
a. Choose the strategy to max out Posture meter of enemy
b. Choose the strategy to reduce Health bar of enemy
c. Stealth Deathblow the first Resurrection

  • When to attack
  • When to use a specific skill
  • Which prosthetic tool is effective

4. Memorize (it’s funny but works)

  • observe the moves of enemy and name it in your language
  • once the enemy does that move - shout out the name
  • note down the counter moves (attack, item, defense)
  • ask another person to dictate the enemy’s moves and you perform them in an open place
  • try the above without using any items

5. Final Battle

  • Refill all your health and resurrection
  • Equip all the items like sugars, oil, ash etc
  • Relax and Dance with the enemy
  • trust me you can beat the enemy faster than you expected (as you are using items)
  • Failed? - come back tomorrow - rewatch youtube videos

Boss Guides:


Chained Ogre

First Deathblow in stealth:

Second Deathblow:

Bell Demon Temple skipping Headless Ako:

Great Serpent Guide:

Shinobi Hunter Enshin:

Juzou The Drunkard:

General Naomori Kawarada:

General Tenzen Yamauchi:

Blazing Bull:


Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa:

Speedrunners would like:
Also for skipping first boss - Leader Shigenori Yamauchi

Need Motivation?

I would watch and laugh on the below parody. Sekiro is one of the best game - it is just for fun. No offence to anyone


Here’s the two things I’d say people should know about Sekiro’s combat once they’ve got a grip on the basics:

  1. Jumping provides invincibility frames and in many ways will replace regular dodges if you want to iframe through an attack. However, you need to be aware jump direction influences the number of iframes, forward jumps having the most. This is one of the most counterintuitive elements of the combat, that you should jump towards enemies to be safer, but once you start getting in the habit of doing it many encounters become easier.
  2. “missed” parries by tapping the block button when no threat is present have basically no consequence, so even blindly mashing block can actually result in you getting a lot of dumb luck parries, having your parry window up for about half the time. Consistent parries are the most important thing to master in Sekiro, but this means it’s waaay more forgiving than any Souls game to compensate for its importance.