Servers are shit!

What would be annoying little problems with some online elements still is completely ruining the experience for a lot of people. Unbefuckinglieveable, IOI. Just forget about this online bullshit, ffs.

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I haven’t had any disconnects since the release of Sapienza, TF :neutral_face:

Servers have been terrible for me tonight. I’m hoping it’s just an issue with connection problems within my area of where I live but I just wish we could play Offline as well and still unlock Challenges etc like in Absolution.


Every time I’ve played the game for more than a couple hours the connection drops, no problems with any other games, just this one. Servers are shit.

Yesterday I tested out Sapienza, looked awesome.

Today can’t play it at all under dx12 and on dx11 it crashes after a few minutes.

Can I just reiterate that above all, the servers are shit.

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maybe this is the problem. A leaked photo of the IOI servers has surfaced.


That is EXACTLY how I have been envisioning this game. No kidding. EXACTLY.

Last night I was disconnected from the Hitman Servers at least six times, not sure what’s going on to be honest but I hope there’s a decent fix for everyone soon.

Yeah, there is.

It’s called de-compartmentalizing the online only system.

Whoa, hold up, this is Soon™ IO, were talking about here.

What. The. Hell?

I’m on XB1 and had very few DC’s after the first couple days after launch. Was able to play Sap for 2 days but since then, nothing but disconnects. There were no updates released for XB after the Sap release so WTF happened??? I haven’t been able to play for 3 days!!!

Game boots up online but as soon as I select a location…BOOM! On a few occasions I’ve been able to get maybe 5 mins of playtime but that’s been the max.

Ok what?
I’m on PC, and seems like since last update, the reconnect option is GONE?
Now you can only go back to the menu everytime you get a disconnection?
This is making the game back to unplayable for me. Fuck this. Back below my tolerance level. Way below it.

@Joe_Clarence75 You big troll with the “leaked server photo” :joy: I hope your joking anyway it wouldn’t surprise me if it was legit :laughing:.

Its like they are trying to get on our bad side :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also on xbox1 I feel your pain this happened to me 2 weeks ago. Couldn’t get on for nothing. I was emailing back and forth to square support and they couldn’t help. Then all of a sudden one day the game crashed and went to the main menu went through the opening loading screens and corrected itself. Was weird

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On console for me the reconnect option is only available for story missions. Were you playing an escalation or contract?

I was on a story mission.
But you say it doesn’t work for contracts or escalations? Thats stupid. That means its probably not gonna work for elusives either and thats precisely when I’m gonna want that the most

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Thinking back on it I think it does work for escalations but it’s random sometimes. Sometimes it gives me the option to and sometimes it doesn’t.

easy fix for shitty servers:

remove online-only



Well, after playing Sapienza for a few days without issue and having much of my faith restored in IO despite still being annoyed at the ‘always-online if you want to have any fun’ aspect, I have been trying for hours this morning to play, and while I seem to be able to connect to the servers and at the bottom next to my player name it says ‘online’, I just get a blank screen for ages until it tells me that it cannot load content and boots me back to the start menu and offline.

For fucks sake

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[quote=“FantumX, post:46, topic:6548, full:true”]What. The. Hell?[/quote]I exptected 3 days of problems but still IO/SE do nothing.

At this time stupid IO/SE severs doesn’t work (for 5 days). Time to
REFUND. I want my money back! Paris was beta v0.89, Sapienza is alpha

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I haven’t been able to play for two days because while it allows me online and connected, it can’t load content and I just get booted to the offline screen again.

I really like Sapienza and the entire game but these bullshit problems are so annoying and fuck me off… The always online component has been almost game breaking and most on these forums agree, I thought they had sort of fixed it after I hadn’t played for three weeks but not at all

Anyone else experiencing this issue?