Servers not working


I have tried to get onto the Hitman servers for about a month now and it still says the same message quote connection failed unable to connect to the Hitman servers failed to fetch online resources from The Hitman servers for more information contact Hitman support. Im on xbox one gamer tag is xGRAYxFOX plz help.


if you are able to change your DNSs, change as and


Hi @Ryan,

We deployed a mitigation solution last week that should make the situation much better.
You should be able to get in, and if it fails please retry a few times (the issue here is failing to download a file due to network errors).

If you don’t mind me asking, where are you connecting from ?


Hey, I have been playing the past few days on Xbox One and am still having this issue? I am using IPV4, am located in Perth, Western Australia and have not been able to successfully connect to Hitman online at all. All other Xbox live services work.

Is there anything I can do? The message I receive says:


Your connection to the Hitman server has been lost. Failed to fetch online resources from the Hitman Server.

You have the option to reconnect or return to the menu in offline mode. Please choose an option below to continue."