Sessions with Lafayette (Serious Discussions Only) - Venting Thread


Yes, it’s just a guess on my part. In prison it’s always known when you get out, but asylums are completely different, at least here in Finland. The staff here is cold and distant, some even rude, and they’ve made it completely clear that i’m staying for a rather long time, so at least a year. The best i can hope for is that i get my laptop and phone soon so i can immerse myself in games and movies. My life really sucks right now and i kind of wish i was dead, but when i hear about all these cool new games coming out i just try endure all this pain.

I consider the song above my ‘‘theme song’’ if ya will… it just captures the pain and suffering i have to go through these days.


Well,that really sucks.It must be pretty scary being locked up and not having an idea when you’re going to get out.
You said in other thread you’re in asylum because you commited a crime and plead insane.Why do that though?Isn’t it better to be in a prison if that’s the choice you had?
A friend of mine knows a woman who was in asylum here in my country for a short while.She said staff there doesn’t much care about patients.They just drug them with sleeping pills,rarely offering real help.

That girlfriend you mentioned is the one you talked about 2 years ago right?Or you had other in the meantime?


Yes, it is scary. Honestly, i’ve never been as scared as i’m now in my life.

Well, the police first suggested me to get a mental health evaluation due to my rather ‘‘interesting’’ history. First i said no to them, but then later on i accepted it and now i’m regretting it. So, you’re right, prisons are a better choice if you have to choose.

Ain’t much different in here. The staff members seem really cold and uncaring and they curse words like ‘‘fuck’’ and ‘‘shit’’ all the time, doesn’t bother me but it gives off a bit unprofessional vibe, y’know. And yeah, they drug the worse patients with sleeping pills all the time.

A new one, i had a relationship with her for 5 months. It was good while it lasted.


What exactly did you do?


It’s a long story, but basically it all comes down to the fact that i’ve been really isolated from others for the past 2 years. I just wanted to be alone all the time, and later on my relatives got worried and started bothering me about it. This all led to constant arguments and soon they thought i was mentally ill… They contacted the police and the police suggested me to get a mental health evaluation.

There’s more to this than what i just said, but that’s the simple version. Let’s just add that my relatives were also concerned about my nightmares i told them about. Now, i’m stuck in one of the worst asylums in Finland and who knows when i’ll get out, let’s just hope before 2020.


Sorry to hear that. Well, at least you have Internet access.


Yes, i’m very grateful for that. This is a shared PC i’m using, but nobody else here wants to use this so i’m lucky in that regard. Thank you for not judging me, Fyodor. I may be in a shitty situation, but i assure you, i am not insane.


47 needs to rescue this guy. Asylum Aftermath Returns.

That music is bad.


Flatline style would be a cool way to escape. Fake death needle in the neck.

Alright. I like my Manhunt music a lot. Ask me what’s the best video game soundtrack and i’ll say Doom 2016 and Manhunt.


Now I am really concerned.


Aww… how sweet of you.


Have you checked the Elevatorshaft for the hidden Staircase to the Basement?


Well,as much as I wasn’t a fan of some things you did in the past I wish you the best and hope you find some peace until you get released.Being trapped in asylum is terrifying.
At least you have a pc and will hopefully get your laptop so you could get your hands on Hitman and have some fun.
Btw are you taking any medication?


Thank you, friend. The past is the past and there’s no changing it, i hope you understand.

It is terrifying, but it’s also depressing.

If i’m lucky i’ll get my laptop and phone by 26th day of this month.

No, only sleeping pills.


God damn it! I won’t be getting my laptop until 22th day of next month. I’m missing out on the early access to Hitman. FUCK!


Hello,.H2 is a couple days away but I’ve never felt this bad all this year. Basically I’ve been trying to make a drawing of 47 since the last 2 weeks and now that it is complete it sucks big time :frowning_face: I was also thinking about making a small 10 second animation before 9th but that seems impossible considering how hard this one is. Now I’m falling into dumb thoughts like how being a fan of some video game is stupid at this age and all that that my parents and sister tell me all the time.

Nothing too serious though, just venting out because I’m feeling very demotivated :smiley:


In Germany we say its “Mans inner Child“, but its meant in a positive way :grin:


Don’t worry. Prove to them that even if you like all this “kiddy stuff” you are mature and perfectly capable of taking good decisions and work your way through life. That’s how they eventually stop bothering. t least that’s what I did.


Outdoor people do some weird stuff too. In Germany many social circles are happening in bars and I don’t see how playing games and communicating with others is not better than hanging out in a place where the purpose is to be not sober.


Don’t fall for that, you are never too old to like video games or be a fan of a particular video game serie, age is nothing else than a number :wink:.

That’s true, we use that here in Norway as well, but on norwegian of course :grinning:.