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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.


This has to be fake. Not even he would do this


Nope it is true. Nick Cage is known for his love of Superman to the point he was auditioning to play him in a Tim Burton Superman movie. He had his first appearance comic. His full name is Kal-El Coppola Cage (Nick Cage is a relative of Francis Ford Coppola)



That’s the spirit, if you and your wife like the name, go for it, if your son wants to hide his ethnic background by changing his name when he grows up he can change his name if he wants too?

I agree with @Jarbinger on this:

Giving your son a “white” name dosen’t need to be to any help anyway.


I have mixed feelings about eternal life and death, I don’t want to live forever, because at some point the sun will swallow the earth and I don’t want to be here when that happens, but thats millions years away, so I’m not worring about that :joy:, maybe humans is living on a another planet by then?

But I think it’s somewhat wrong to think about life and death in young age, nobody wants to die when young and in good health, but when we grow old, 70, 80 or 90 years old and have trouble with walking and other problems coming with age, we will maybe welcome death, I don’t want to die but when I do I hope I die in sleep or at least it will be a quick death, but if I’m getting sick and are forced to stay in bed I think I would welcome death without any problem.

Reflect on life and death is not a problem, but thinking about it all the time is, so if I was you I would try to stop those thoughts or talk to someone about your thoughts.

My hope for a life after death is reincarnation, not super convinced, 50% belief :smiley:.


Do you fear death because of liability towards family or for your own self?

We credit ourselves more that our ability.
Humans can not and will not be able to migrate on any other planet. If humanity cease to exit on earth that will be and of our species.
We haven’t found single planet that has oxygen and Co2 combination like earth has. Even if we find a planet sending humans there would be impossible however more we advance in technology. The limitations of physics will not assist us in migrating. People talk about worm holes or near light speed transportation. But those are and will be limited to science fiction only.
I believe with current rate of climate change we will see a world war in about 50 to 100 years from now.
Things like Ark Society will be a real thing in about 25 years from now.




I deal with the idea of death by thinking this: I didn’t care for the billions of years before I was born, I won’t care after. My death will go on to either a) help through organ donation b) provide nutrients to the ground around me c) look really fucking cool as my ashes are shot up in a firework.

I’m at peace with the idea of being dead because it’s how life works. Just one of those things you have to accept and deal with when the time comes, I’m afraid.


Is this joke to you?
You don’t agree with my prediction, and that is ok. But undermining it by saying ok as a sarcastic comment is not ok.
I don’t want to that happen obviously. But it will give and take few decades.


I go Ok because it is just the general “Human kind is stupid and won’t survive”. Maybe my reply was not sufficient to the topic’s attitude, okay.
I don’t think we will go extinct. If we don’t fix the climate change it will drastically alter our life, but the human being is extremly good at cultivating otherwise toxic enviroments. As long the air is breathable I see no issue for us as a species.


If Silent Hill taught me anything its that there’s two things we think about every day - Sex and Death.


Taken straight out of the Mortal Engines movie?

I don’t know about that:

Here are some obstacles, outlined by Green:

We have to land. Right now, NASA is able to land a 1-ton vehicle on the surface of Mars. For a human to land, it would need to park about 10 tons on the surface. That vehicle would also need to land with precision — mainly not mountains or hills or rocks.

We would need to blast off from Mars. It’s not a one-way ticket, at least right now. That’s why NASA is working on a Mars 2020 rover. “Sometime in the next decade, we plan to blast off the surface of Mars and return.”

We would need to wear spacesuits — all the time. Weather on Mars is extreme. The difference between Monday and Tuesday could be 170 degrees. The average temperature is well below zero. The air is also largely carbon dioxide — good for planets, bad for people.

We’d have to get used to dust storms. About every 26 months, it’s summer on Mars, meaning prime dust storm season. These storms, made up of fine dust that gets caught in the atmosphere, can darken daylight to a twilight stage and last months.

We need to build an entire infrastructure. “The people that would go there are real pioneers,” Green said. The first humans on Mars would need to farm and establish a food source. Scientists believe beans, asparagus and potatoes are viable crops for soil there. Homes would also need to be built. Green said 3D printers might be able to use dust on the planet to create habitats.


It can always be worse, I found out years ago that I got my first name because mum saw a character played by Mel Gibson in Forever Young called Daniel and thought that was a cool name. So I get to thank an anti-semite for the reason for my name.

It sounds like you have a great name in mind Speaker and a good story behind it you can tell them when they grow up.


Sigh Mad Mel ain’t ever gonna live that down. Mean while Roman Polanski still got jobs and he definitely was not drunk when he was “causing controversy”.

Also Daniel means “God is my judge” which is cool. My name simply means “man” that is not cool, if I was really named after Grandpa I would be “God’s grace”.


Roman Polanski should be persona non grata, as should Mel Gibson.


Which is ironic considering I’m an agnostic leaning on athiest. Ah well, better than my dad, he shares his name with a famous '70s gay porn star, and got a lot of mockery because of it back in his day.


Some of the most common English names are Hebrew. And I am willing to be neither of us are Jewish, I know I am not I would have felt it.


That is true, although I imagine it also has to do with names like Daniel being accepted Christian names. Although ironically, I do have a little Jewish blood, my Great Grandmother was a Lithuanian immigrant.


Well Polanski has done nothing of note since Ghostwriter and most likely won’t make anything again. Mel seems to have matured and taken some responsibility for his mad drunken antics. Also it makes the part of Signs where he fakes insanity hysterical.


I am from a Catholic and Protestant for the most part though I am an atheist. Although I do have a family history of animism and polytheism being like an eighth Aborigine.