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@Speaker As far as I’m concerned, it’s your child, therefore it’s you and your wife’s decision, and not your family’s. Name him what you want, thy have no say in it.


You and your wife should pick the name you decide on together and fuck everyone else. Life’s too short.


First off, congratulations @Speaker! Second, I agree with what others have said here. It’s your child and nobody else’s opinion on your sons name matters. It’s between you and your wife, nobody else.


In all fairness I was named after my grandfather who fought both the Vichy French and the Imperial Japanese in WWII.


I was named after my grandfather who fell off a roof drunk multiple times. You got me in that field


Cool. Did your Grandfather get a medal for his service to the roofing profession?


Nah, all he got was a concussion


Oh well, today was the worst day of my life, where do I I even start, all for such a pathetic and shameful thing, today was our last day at home as we’ll be going back tomorrow my sister said we should go out and eat and spend time outside as I didn’t get out of the house even once in the 2 weeks we were here, at this point I had read on the internet and experienced enough to know to mind my own business and not care about anyone else so I was quite confident to go, and to give my parents a gift I didn’t do any protest and said let’s go. Something about 20 seconds in I started having second thoughts and I started listing points about why we shouldn’t go and got real anxious, threw a near-tantrum but did ultimately go. This wasn’t a big deal, but when we reached there all my confidence and things I had learned about going out and not being anxious got out of my body and I was in a semi tear up stage, then a few minutes later a little kid started making fun of my hairstyle to his mom, now I knew he’s just a kid and I did the same thing myself when I was his age but for some reason this with other things was too much, I was just stopping myself from tearing up real bad and my dad could see all that, but he instead got very, very angry on me and let’s just say it was pretty bad and the worst thing that has happened all my life maybe,

Now the scary thing is we’ll go to the airport tomorrow and I’m losing my shit thinking about it, if we cancel the ticket it’s going to keep a big chunk of the money so there’s no option but to go
Sorry if this reads weird and cringy but I really wanted to speak to this to someone, also lol a thing happened just as I was writing this, my sister came running and called me crybaby and whatnot and almost gave me a beating. I’m sick of being like this


I think that you shouldn’t question your behavior - the behavior of your family concerns me. Maybe your behavior isn’t normal, but they could try to support you, instead of making everything even worse.


Totally agree! Anxiety isn’t no freaking joke, believe me I know all too well! However I do agree with @BetaPete your family’s reaction is far more concerning. I don’t know you or your family personally, obviously so I can only go by what you’re telling us. But if you ask me, your family could use a little lesson in compassion and understanding. I don’t mean any disrespect but, I know the troubles that anxiety can bring and it makes me upset when people look at you/us like we’re the problem. Sorry for the rant, I truly hope everything gets better for you @IndianAgent47


Thank you @BetaPete and @Clover but it’s actually the opposite well at least with my dad, he understands this well and did loads of research and took me to multiple therapiststo get it cured, one solution we’ve been practicing is exposure which basically is to go out a lot and get used to it,

Oh well, we’re at the airport and dad lost all his temper a couple minutes ago, I told him I was feeling weird which 100% happens because of long travels and not at all related to anxiety, I told him this so he would give me suggestions like breathing or to say something so we would talk and I could forget the vomit feeling lol, he got annoyed and told me that it’s anxiety and that I should calm down, I asked him why he was so annoyed and boom, haven’t seen him so angry in a long time, then he said he did a mistake bringing me with him back, a little later said me to be quite and don’t talk with him.

Then later on now everything is fine because he now knows yesterday was one of the rare panic attack ones because today I’m completely fine and not at all scared, he was just pissed that it’s l there’s no progress and it has been going like this for 2-3 years, lol but he wasn’t one bit apologetic, we’ll be seeing another doctor when we arrive there whatever I’m just going to focus on not puking on the plane in the last moment like last time :joy: thank you

Edit - the plane ride went OK :smiley:


So, I’m depressed a lot of the time.

To combat this, I’m drunk a lot of the time.

I dunno how to fix this.

A lot of times, suicide comes to my mind, and I think that the alcohol will take care of that.

I know that’s childish and silly, but at times I really feel like that’s the only escape.

Logically, I could go out in a much more fanciful way if I wanted to; but I suppose that’s the thing: Do I want to?

I’m not posting here suicidal, just mentioning That it does happen with me.

But lately I’ve been getting real sad and It’s been hard to deal with.

Disclaimer: I don’t take any drugs outside of rum, whisky and gin. Oh, and marijuana of course <3


I don’t know either. I would say focus on positives in life, even though that’s kind of cliche and basic advice.


I bet you’re about 5 years older than you look

EDIT: I say this because of your sage advice.


I’m flattered, but this is not the case

First, I’d say, try to find out why you’re feeling this way, I guess. Have you confided in anyone else outside here?


If you’ll entertain me, how old are you? I’m 26.

No. This is a difficult task in my position. Are you sure this is the next step I should take? I guess it doesn’t matter, I’m known to not listen to others…

Focusing on positives is how I’ve made it to 26


go to your Doctor and tell him or her about that. they can and will help you to get back on track, it worked for me


When I turned 30 I seriously considered suicide. I thought of how I’d do it, and of all the people I knew and how they’d react, what it would look like once my body was found, what would happen to my body after not being heard from or seen after so long and people started to wonder where I was. Things like that. I broke down sobbing while I laid there the whole time. Then I dozed off… During this short period of sleep I had a dream. I was a small child riding with my father in a truck. He had this intense look on his face, I asked him what was wrong, he didn’t say anything. He revved the engine, going faster, I pleaded with him to stop! Then he drove the truck into a river, I could hear the water rushing underneath the floorboards, I started crying, screaming at him to please stop! It was then I had the thought… “He’s going to kill himself!”

That’s when I woke up. This gave me the realization (and obviously) that by ending my life I’d be hurting those that I loved. They’d hurt so much more than I thought I was hurting… If there were someone that were going to hurt them - I’d fight to protect them! That’s why I couldn’t think of doing myself any harm after that. I had a complete and instant turn around.

And all this just for feeling sorry for myself. Thinking that I should be somewhere else and have more things in life… Stupid stuff like that. :disappointed_relieved:


Damn…why did you feel suicidal?


Like I said ^here. But in more detail? Feeling like I didn’t accomplish anything in life. Other people my age (or even younger) having families, not having a high paying job, feeling sorry for myself due to low self esteem, not feeling worthy to be with anyone (like a gf or spouse). And not really seeing my situation ever changing or getting better.