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I don’t care. This is nothing by what she does. She destroys my life. I just want to show how the devil looks like.


The Sister of my best Friend was a mean bitch, back when she was 13, always tried to fight with my friend and manipulate their parents to her advantage. i dont know what happend, but when she became 16 or 17 she totaly changed her character and now shes a truly nice person.

maybe its just hormons and puberty what drives your sister insane? of course thats no excuse for acting like an asshole, but i’m pretty sure that she will change again, when shes a bit older and realizes that the World dont turns around her.


Seriously Wtf?

As for the @Danger_dog_guy_7

I’ve never been in a situation like this so I don’t feel like I can give any meaningful advice, but I still feel for you, man. I’m going to say something anyway.

If your parents don’t know how to do patenting, I think it’s you who should contact with social services, as someone mentioned above. I don’t see any other way tbh. If you can’t tame her and your parents, especially father, don’t want to then, then I don’t see anyone else doing anything but those guys.


Sorry to hear that. Your sister reminds of me when I was that age. I was a pretty troubled kid. But my parents did beat me. Didn’t change anything, actually it made me worse.
I started to change somewhere when I was 16 when I used to hang a lot with my gym instructor. And adult man. I had lots of respect for that man so I looked up to him. I want to say just let time pass and maybe she will realize what she’s doing its wrong. But I don’t how much that works on girl. Only suggestion I have for you is to try to mind your own business. Find a part time job so you can pass some time away from your parents and earn something at the same time


@Neon_Ronin are you shy and introvert type guy?
Where do you hang around in general.


I’m sorry to hear you have such problems with your little sister. And things won’t change any time soon most likely. Until she straightens out and decides to grow up there won’t be an end to all the conflict. It would sound rude if I said: just learn to live with it. But waiting until she grows up is all you can do in this situation. Since moving out is difficult for you.
Try to make time for yourself where you can do things you truly like. Go out with friends for example. Plan your week with moments you can look forward to. And above all, focus on yourself not on your sister. You can’t change her, only she can unfortunately.
Talking about your problems with someone you trust helps a great deal too. It would be best if that person is able to look at your situation without any prejudges. He or she would be able to give you a clear view of how things are. And help you to come up with possible solutions.
Just remember, you are the adult and you can be the responsible one. In time she and your parents will learn to see that too. (Hopefully)


What? What’s your problem?


I have confidence that you’ll get around it eventually. Nothing that’sworthy is ever easy, right? :slight_smile::bear:


Couldn’t have said it better myself. You’re a good man, SCM.

PS. That angry bear emoji is kinda rad.


Everything at it’s right time. Talk with ya later. College calls and Dr. Pinto doesn’t likes when someone is late.


I’d really suggest removing that photo. It doesn’t benefit anyone by being there.


To me it seems like you know what it is that has to be done in order to set things right for you. But here the problems grow big and become severely problematic over time, that happens with us all if do not have someone to vent out our problems with.
I will quote this line here which seems perfect in your case as well:


So, I found out this morning that my car got broken into. All of my work gear and all of my games except Hitman was stolen from me. I already filed a police report and I just notified my landlord. I guess it’s good I like shitty games like Hitman because I’m glad they left that one behind. Lol


Thats sucks hope there won’t be any serious repercussions for losing all your work related stuff.

I spent a lot of years living in a crap city and with a soft top jeep, break in’s are way too easy so i just left the doors unlocked 24/7/365 and kept absolutely nothing in it but the owners manual, registration and insurance. And maybe a dollar in change. The change got stolen a few times. Fuckers never got more than that tho.


Yeah, I learned now never to leave anything valuable in my car ever again. Its just something I took for granted.


I wouldn’t do it, it’s very common that a patient fall in love or develop feelings for their therapist, she has been helping you and maybe your feelings is going a bit crazy, if i was you i would try to let it go and if she can’t help you anymore i would end the treatment, if you pursue this any further and tell her this, i would believe she would politely turn you down and maybe your depression will come back when you feel hurt or dissapointed or for been turned down or because of regret and i’m pretty sure she have only done her job and tried to help you as best as she can and therapist can handle or should be able to handle patient who has developed feelings for their therapists and deal with it professionally.
I can’t say it 100% sure, but i think you will be disappointed if you proceed with this.


haha, nah, just tryin to lighten the mood lol funny they took everything else except that. They may of had taste in cars, but certainly not games :stuck_out_tongue: That truly does suck though man. Hopefully they catch the prick that did it. But at least now you learned a very valuable lesson from this. Don’t leave valuables in your car. I’m sorry that happened to ya dude, that really is unfortunate…


How did they break into your car anyway?? Ain’t the FBI supposed to be watching your house, James…?

They slacking man… :laughing:


10/10 would fiber wire. Trying to lighten the mood. Probably failing harder than I do at Elusive Contracts.


I don’t need the police to know that 47 is suspect #1.

Sorry for that joke. Really sorry to hear it, I hope the police will be able to help you…