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Many people on Discord and some YT comments said that they were blocked or banned without knowing why at least. It’s pretty shady that you are banned and don’t even get to know why.


Not true. You can still get the punch glitch even if the npc is walking when they don’t have any head turning at that time. It’s just more frequent when they are standing. Plus absolution had head turning too but never did I get the punch glitch and the threadhold was much larger. You can grab from a greater angle.

I think it has to do more with the threshold they allow that prompt to come up with. It’s bugged and if you know anything about programming, sometimes bugs can be almost impossible to find/fix.

But who really knows. Not even IOI knows otherwise it would be fixed. Just like wallhacking.

Here’s one where prompt is right there and wtf happens?


Here is that vid I was talking about. Even when walking, the prompt comes up and still getting glitched. You have to see carefully tjst the prompt does come up but still pinch gliycj occurs.


Man,I’m really sorry to hear that.
I could definitely see something bad was hapenning to you just by reading your latest posts.

Hope things go your way in the end


That’s… pretty fucked up. But you’re making the right moves. Keep trucking and don’t lose your drive. And happy birthday (I know it it’s in a few days, but just in case I’m not here to say it later).


Having a new start and going to a new environment seems like the best choice.
Good luck with it.
You can PM me if you want to talk more about it in depth…


I’ll most definitely keep everyone posted. It’s going to be an interesting challenge, instead of a hopeless one, at least.


I have a friend that has been teaching kids English in South Korea since late 2015. He says there is a lot of demand and the cost of living is amazing compared to the pay. And he said that he got treated amazingly by the administration despite it being his first teaching job with no experience. Occasionally when we talk on steam he’ll just be like “Oh I’m on a bullet train in Japan” or “I’m on the way to the Terracotta Army in China” because he gets to travel very often. It sounded like a pretty great deal for an international job.

Good luck to whatever you decide to do. I know you can get through this rough patch.


I’m going to do just that. My research had been pushing me in that direction, so all I needed was a little confirmation. I appreciate the advice, friend. Thank you.


My Great Grandfathers funeral was today. He died few weeks ago by pneumonia. I think it was good thing because he had alzheimer disease. Last time i saw him in December 2016 he didn’t Remember me.


Alzeimers is the worst. A really sad disease.
Hopefully the funeral was beautiful.


It was;)
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Sup guys, It’s been a while since anyone posted here.

So I have this kind of problem. Since january I got fired from my shitty job at the local supermarket. Now I’m jobless for half a year and now the holiday period started I feel bored as fuck. All my friends are at work, making money, and I don’t. I’m just home, doing nothing, wanting to work. Now in the villiage I live in there is not much to do for work, except for the supermarket. We have 2 supermarkets in our town, and one of them was my previous job. Now I don’t want to experience something like my previous job again, so I’m kinda over the supermarket business, but there is not much more in this shitty town. What do you guys think I should do? There are more jobs out of town, but then I have to travel half an hour on my bike to get there. That’s a no go for me. :confused:

Hope you guys can help me a bit.


Become a pro hitman youtuber and make millions.

Seriously tho, if you really want to work then just get on your bike.


If there are any other shops or businesses in the town, go in and say ‘Hi’ to whoever is in charge; show an interest in whatever it is they do, and then casually ask if there are any opportunities currently available (take a CV or talk them through previous experience if necessary).

It’s difficult to give specific advice without knowing your exact circumstances, but the best thing you could do is get out there and chat to a few new faces; at the very least you’ll have some interesting conversations and meet new people.

If it’s only about the money and you don’t want to hit the bike, then are there any fields you have a lot of knowledge in where you could transfer that into selling online maybe? I’ve sold music on-and-off for 25+ years now, and while it’s not going to make you huge amounts, something like that could net you a steady profit with no overheads until a permanent post becomes available.


Hello Everyone :slight_smile:
So I left my previous school and joined a new one after the exams in April. But I had so much anxiety and was very scared to go anywhere so till half of May I stayed at home. Then the summer vacations began, so I stayed at home a month more. Finally my school was opening on 26th June. So my parents bought my school dress and everything, but I was very very scared to go. I did a ton of crying and fighting to stay at home(it was terrible) and in the end my parents go so frustrated and they let me stay. So the next day I gathered a lot of courage and finally went to the school. I had sooooooo much anxiety from others my stomach hurt so much in the middle of the day that I went home. Then I basically stayed at home for something like 14-15 days until 17th July when my first F.A exam was happening. There was no other option than to go, so I did. That day went really good. I made a great friend and had a lot of fun meeting everyone. So till the end of exams I went every exam day and made some really good friends. Yesterday was my last exam.
But there is a problem too :frowning: the staring problem which I had in my last school(basically stupid ass girls thinking I was some pervert and stared at them) which led me to leave it is present here as well. One day during some exam at recess everyone came around my desk to talk to me(not making fun of me or bullying or anything, just getting familiar with me) I was very scared and my heart felt real heavy. But it went fine. But after that I had nothing to do and was just looking around, my eyes passed one of the girls which was with the group that were talking to me before, I swear I didn’t stare at her or anything, but for some reason she looked at me like this

I was like ‘shit shit shit please don’t think I’m staring at you or something please please please’ But she thought exactly that, and there is another girl who thinks the same. I have proof of that as well, the second one when I’m sitting behind her somewhere
she and her friends are always looking at me like this
Well sorry I couldn’t find a picture but they look at me with their corner of their eyes and a short smile.
Whenever I look up at the blackboard the first thing I see is that girl and her friends, and of course they assume I’m looking at them or some shit so they form a group and start giggling. I know they can be thinking of something else about me but this had happened in my previous school so there are a lot of chances that it can be about staring.
Today was frustrating as hell. I have not been uploading for a month now(but yes I did a lot of research for my next vid), my research was done so I decided to record the audio today. I’m so under confident now, that for five straight hours I couldn’t record the first few lines properly. I even got this comment recently

I’ve never been so happy in my life :sob:
@Pissfloyd in another thread advised me to get a USB mic so I got Blue Snowball iCE some weeks back :slight_smile: thanks for the recommendation Pissfloyd, it is a beauty.
So can anyone recommend me some tips so that my audio recording could be finished, I would be very very happy :smile: and my school is tommorow and I’m very scared to go :frowning: hopefully the day would go well. HMF has been the best place I’ve been in my life :relaxed:


How old are you?


He’s 15


I’m a high school teen struggling through my studies. I barely passed my first year and failed my second, dropping into a lower level. Now, I failed my first semester and if I screw it up again, I might have to be held back.

Part of me is trying to put it all, but I keep getting distracted from my work, specifically by a certain video game series and world news. There are like two personalities of myself; a weak but hardworking mind trying to help himself and a self-absorbed dolt wasting his life.

I think I’m coming across as irresponsible and lazy, but I’m really worried about my examinations. My mother can’t stand another heartbreak. So if you could give me some advice, I’ll greatly appreciate it.


With what you are saying about your mother feeling another heartbreak, I can say you have a really good reason to start putting more effort in you studies. Do it for her. Also, start administrating your time better. Work first and fun later.