🗣 Sessions with Lafayette - Serious Issues Thread

Absolute best of luck, Indi! :grin:

I know how hard this has been for you, and you’ve gotten very close in the past. I’m got faith! You deserve this with how long it’s been going on.
Make sure to get well-rested for tomorrow :crossed_fingers:


Best of luck!! :four_leaf_clover:

Here are twenty more shamrocks for you :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Update: all ended well. Communication is key, I didn’t lose my friends, we now understand each other better and things will keep going up as it seems.

And sorry if I came across like a psycho. I was very aggresive and out of my mind. And again, this wasn’t directly because of them but because they ended being hit in my storm of anger that was caused by other deals.

I was very unsensitive, intolerant and inconsiderateo of people I know love me and are trying to do their best to help me. But well, there’s that. I aim to improve from this again and be the kind Bearmon I aim to be.


So, update for me on this: I took my friend out to lunch, laid it all out that her behaviour has been making me uncomfortable, and she was fine with it. Accepting of it, I mean.

I might not have picked the best time to get into the topic during lunch since it got awkward for the two of us for a few minutes after, but I got it out and she gets it. She’ll tone down the teasing.
It probably didn’t help that we had a great chat and fun times before getting to the restaurant and before getting served our food - so I didn’t really have a good segway into it - but it’s done now.

And on this, she was a bit surprised I’d take her to lunch just to tell her “stop being such a bitch” (her words not mine) instead of just a walk in the park, but we both laughed it off, and in the end, it’s pretty on-brand for me. :laughing:

Apart from the lunch not sitting well with me right now and overpaying for something I didn’t need, today went well. :+1:


Had an interesting doctor’s visit today. Went for my annual, and during the checkup he asked me if I have a hard time focusing. I said yes, and the more we talked the more apparent it became that this has actually been an issue of mine for a very long time. I learned during this visit that I actually had an Asperger diagnosis back when it was still in the DSM, I always knew that it was suspected but I didn’t realize there was an actual diagnosis of some kind (I’m 30 btw). He said that autism spectrum disorder can come with comorbidities, and that in my case there may be some ADHD present.

He gave me a prescription for adderall, which I have absolutely no experience with. I trust him though and he’s known me my whole life, so I’m willing to give it a shot. I’m not really in any kind of distress and I’m not upset about this in any way, I just didn’t know if it was more appropriate to post this in here or What’s New.

Oh I’ve also cut back my drinking significantly, I realized that it was making my gastro issues worse so I’ve reduced my intake by maybe 90%.


I don’t know what your whole situation is but here’s my two cents. Best time to look for a new job is when you already have one. Seems to me your boss can’t afford more workers and possibly can’t afford the ones they have so unless this is some type of internship, never work for free. Leave when it’s go time or stay on the clock to finish the job at hand. Sounds like the whole thing is on the verge of collapse so I don’t see much reason to stick around anyway.


yeah, I’m going to start looking for another job elsewhere soon. it sucks because this is the only place that called me back but staying here isn’t beneficial. it’s funny because this place has a union, and you would think they make sure the rules are being followed, right? thanks for the advice, Naz


I’m having so much stress recently :see_no_evil: I’m leading a holiday project at my school for 20 children with disabilities and the week was sooo stressful! I worked everyday for more than 12 hours, so much planning and responsibilities :face_with_spiral_eyes: tomorrow is the last day, we will end the week with some presentations, parents of the children will visit and even my parents will be there. I’m very excited but I’m also happy when the week ends and I will have holidays :sweat_smile:

And I’m so happy that my father will come, too. Since his cancer diagnosis I am struggling very much. I’m always thinking that I’m not the daughter he wished for. I’m in my mid 30s and I’m not married, I don’t want children. Sometimes I fear he would like to have grandchildren and I feel bad that I don’t want children. So I hope when he will see tomorrow what I did, what I achieved, he will be proud of me :pray:


Holy fuck I just saw an unedited clip of a guy getting murdered on twitter dot com. A full blown, unadulterated, psychotic video of a man dying. Dying; not dead, like already dead, but dying. With commenters agreeing with it.

Like actually what the fuck has this stupid site come to. Ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk ooooooooofffff

Jeez. That’s awful.

Eyebleach. Go to Reddit Eyebleach now. Look at all the cute animals.

Social Media moderation can be pretty screwed, especially with how many use robots to field reports. I hope someone managed to or will catch this horrible case really quickly. Though I understand Social Media moderation itself is known to be a mentally draining, scary, and scarring job for the real people behind it (and even then, they are not treated well by the company themselves either)

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Thanks for linking the eyebleach sub. I needed it.

But I still can’t get over the fact that these buffoons targeted a man to the point of dying. This was the video in question. He was pushed off his bike at high speed by an oncoming car.

Like literally how fucking brain dead do you have to be to shove a man off their bike . And it’s these fucking comments that baffle me like, “he shouldn’t be biking on the road” or, “wrong use of ‘you’re’ you nerd”. Not the point.

You murdered him. It’s set in stone. At best you paralysed him, and at worse you killed him. You are promoting the doctrine of people dying. Dying. Not dead like a guy laying down from the result of getting pushed off their bike dead. Dying. You, along with your psychotic and moronic bonehead fanatics, are promoting people dying.

This is exactly the kind of shit that makes me traumatised of going outside and getting murdered just like the biker was. I am traumatised that someone could stab me at broad daylight or put a gun to my head and blow my brains out, all because sociopathic scumbags thought it was a good idea to rack up some internet points for attention by filming yourself killing a guy, with the intention of the entire world to see it.

Your slimy promotion of violence tops all the right areas that can be defined as hell, and you are better off with your phone exploded so that you can’t touch the internet again.

/end rant.

I’m so sorry that you had to watch the video. I’m still hunted by the video of George Floyds killing, and I didn’t even watched the whole thing.

And it’s not just the fact of what happened to these poor people. It is also this perverse voyeurism that the inhibition threshold is so small that the mobile phone is held up to a dying person. It is a disgusting narrative of human abysses that are far too little punished.

I’m not judging the people who watch these videos because often they just pop up in timelines. But I think the most important thing is that these videos are reported immediately so that they will hopefully be deleted quickly and such disgusting comments, as you describe, don’t even arise.

Edit: I have to add, I judge people who watch these videos on purpose, who even search for them. I’m only talking about the people for whom such videos are suddenly flushed into the timeline without any warning. Of course it’s still a form of human curiosity and voyeurism, but I still see a difference there.


Yea that pressure sucks! My wife is 50 with no kids and her mother is so angry she doesn’t have a grandkid. The pressure exists Stateside too, but I feel like it’s worse over in Europe (my mother in law is still living in Poland, my wife came over in the 80s). My father would love a grandkid, I know he would, but he wouldn’t ever ask when I’m having a child, whereas my wife’s mom reminds her all the time.


I was coming back from school with another guy, from the classmates. It’s all nice, we’re talking and walking until at a point we move past another guy whom, from a mile away, can be deducted as high and looking for trouble. His look just shouts it. We were talking quite loud so at that point, he goes “keep the voice down punk”. Alright. No problem with that. But suddenly the classmates decides to reply with “fuck off”. No sane person ever does that.

The highguy started with some threats, daring him to repeat what he said and after a few seconds, he starts chasing us. I had a reasonable distance already, which made it possible to run away at a glance. After binding through a few streets and several reorientations, my heart bumping like a car cylinder, I hid behind a tree and called the stupidass mate to come where I was. He had also escaped with no harm thankfully. The chaser was still wandering around, but there was an alternate route in the opposite direction we could take; It all ended faster than I thought.

I’m still shocked with the incident though. The guy could easily be holding a knife with irreversible damage. A cousin of mine got stabbed in a way simpler situation. There is also this famous story in my hometown where Hatam’s Pizzeria owner’s son got stabbed (and died) for asking a guy not to spit what remained of the fruit he was eating, and that was in a crowded area. Not much like us who were the only ones in the place. Neither of us remember his face so he could be tracked, but there is this fear that he might have remembered us and we bump into each other some time else :grimacing:

I’ve had enough encounters with these kind of people, and the last thing you do is talking back. All you need is to smile and walk past them, that’s all. No pain.


Yea the F off comment was totally unneeded. Especially at your age (assuming this guy was a full gown adult). I could understand it if you two were stumbling drunk from the pub but I know you weren’t bc 1) age 2) where you live.

Glad it came to nothing. Tell your friend to smarten up. If you’re gonna say things like that then you need to be ready to get physical.


Debatable and depends. But i get what you’re saying though, especially in his context


I’d even advise against smiling. They might even take this the wrong way. Just ignore.


Edit, I’m very tired.


18 Months later and my dad is still on oxygen. Also he’s a bit nuts, but I think he might have always been.

Still missing my friend who I almost got in a relationship with, 1 year later.


got some disappointing news regarding my university situation. they gave me two options basically. 1, cram five hard classes into one semester and then take 1 more during winter break to graduate in January (this also involves getting a few classes hopefully accepted as credits from my other school i transferred from). or 2, finish this year as any other student would, and May 2023 would be my graduation. neither are ideal since they involve being in session a year and 1 semester longer than what was planned but im attempting option 1.

this is really devistating, for debt reasons and for the fact that they did not and will not own up to what they did (failing to help me obtain permits for classes in time or even advise me at all). you probably wont see much art from me now for a long time because it feels largely pointless. unless some magic art job appears and hires me out of this mess, itll be ok…but thats unrealistic. lost so much sleep, punched a wall from stress, did everything i could and yet nothing helped. anyway thanks for reading. typing helped somewhat