Settings Request: To be able to pull up the in-game menu without pausing the game (in story mode) (Added Poll)


There’s definitely times when I’m just waiting for targets to get into position and I want to look through the map, inventory, and/or challenges screen while I’m waiting but it pauses the game when I do that. Would it be feasible to make it an option in the setting to make the menu pop up without pausing the game? Making it an option in the setting means it could stay as it is for the default and just be toggled on for those who want this feature. Just a thought. What do you all think? :thinking:

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This already happens for Ghost Mode, which I personally find frustrating, but it’s logical.


I guess that means it’s clearly possible. Sometimes I’d like to have this option in story mode. Maybe an option to unpause when you have the menu hud on screen then have the menu semi transparent?


Ghost Mode is not a place for this feature :slight_smile:
I mean in Ghost Mode you play against a live person, not against AI. So if you slow this is personally your issue, your opponent won’t wait you.
But in regular mission, where you play against AI, this feature will make sense, cuz sometimes there are minutes to wait for certain events. And if you know the plan you can afford yourself aside actions like settings browsing or making a cup of fragrant tea etc :slight_smile:
So this won’t be superfluous


Yes, I know. That’s why I said that despite it being frustrating, it’s logical.


Yeah. I’m not saying this should be an option to pause the menu in Ghost Mode. I’m saying I want to play single player mode without the menu pausing the game just to be clear.


Join me for a spot of fragrant tea? :rofl:


Sure thing


I’m assuming this would be toggleable in the settings menu, yes?


Yes! That’s the idea.


Ah, okay, I’m all for that. I would have opposed you if you were saying that that should be the only way it works, but I can agree to it being toggleable


Added a poll to the first post in case people want to just vote rather than reply.


in first 4 parts Hitman game has nonstop mode till you explore map (even if enemies in you shoot)


Not strictly true with respect to the original topic.


Goes into game menu while playing, looks to see where I am on the map, looks for target… Hears in the background
“Hey Mister! I don’t know you!”
looks for any unfinished challenges to complete
“Take this guy out!!!” multiple gunshots ensue

I personally don’t see where I’d ever use anything like this, but I guess if it helps the in-game time pass, and I’d need to look for something that requires going into the menu, etc. then I guess it could be useful.

However, most stuff I go into the menu to look for doesn’t take that long. I can’t see myself ever using such a feature. And yes. More times than not I actually do need the game to be paused.


I think the map on M could be in real time. However, I really like the game for being pausable. So many games today (Monster Hunter: world springs to mind) cannot be paused. As an avid fan of singleplayer games skipable cutscenes and pausable gameplay I am afraid to ask any game to do menus without pauses.


This is why I’m saying it should be an option in the settings for single player. So people who DO want this can turn it on. If would be just like it is now as default.