Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Reveal incoming…

It’s official!


Rise of the Shadow of Mordor


It can be interesting if Lara Croft stops with the mass murder thing :hushed: :grinning:.


Can’t wait. Played the previous 2 and got a 100% completed game on both.


That better fucking be the Croft Manor at the end, god dam swear I will lock that fool up in the fridge


In the news today, a butler dies in Croft Manor’s freezer, a suicide or a terrible accident?


It’s official now! The release date is 14-Sep-2018.


Just bring back the proper Lara back and not this pansy whiny scared one since the reboot.


The tagline for the game says this will be a “climactic finale” for Lara’s origin story so we’re expecting something big as well as an indication about where the series may go from here. Writer Rhianna Pratchett has recently said she’d like to tackle an older and more grizzled Lara, perhaps we’ll see a set up for that in the end of this series.





No gameplay, all crappy bow and arrows, and axe; see no dual wielding. And now Lara looks like a man.

My face after watching this trailer.


I noticed below the title in the trailer it says “The end of the beginning”. I guess she’ll be full blown Lara Croft by the next game.


I figured they dropped the duel wielding altogether for this interpretation of the character.


This interpretation? Dual wielding was in Tomb Raider 2013. Which is the same rendition I think. Also I didn’t play Rise but I think that also had dual wielding once you upgraded the pistols over time.


Maybe I’m mistaken, but I only saw dual wielding at the end of the 2013 game. That’s not nearly long enough to call it a feature. I also didn’t play Rise either but based on the videos I’ve seen of it, I’m guessing dual guns don’t play a big role in it either.


They’ve dropped everything from personality, to clothes, to weapons, to mechanics. This better be the last of the “build ups” so we can finally have the proper Tomb Raider back


If they could give us the tomb raider we want they would’ve already. Unfortunately it seems that with time and the changing of dev teams, the vision and talent went with it.


Dude, with that approach you’re in for a lot of disappointment in any franchise that still releases new games.

Old games are ain’t never coming back, your experience of the old goodies is stuck with you and no new game will ever repeat this for you.

Out of the recent ones, the only successful reboot that payed homage to the original game was Doom.