Shadow of the Tomb Raider


I didn’t play the older games until last year. The first reboot of the Tomb Raider games still kept Laura’s character, while being really good puzzle/ action games. So I don’t really see why this new reboot couldn’t. It all comes down to what the development wants, however it’s a decision that I would never agree on.


I think the changes were meant more to just improve a sense of “theatrical reality” (where more elements match our world or our expectations of normal world)… to improve ability to suspend disbelief… and to increase ability to relate to the lead character who is profiled more like a college history student… regardless of gender. Male or female… most of us would be overwhelmed by the shipwreck event alone and that is supposed to hook us in when Lara is also overwhelmed initially by the same event.

Worked that way for me.


Louder than Words - First gameplay trailer



Nice! I see some interesting new mechanics and features like camouflage, double assassinations, enemy units working together, huge explosions. The game also appears to have a darker tone compared to the previous two entries.


More Gameplay


New gameplay and new details


I know some people are actually upset at all this because Lara has been turned into Jane Rambo.

They were hoping for more mechanics focused on exploration, navigation, survivalist activity, that kind of stuff.


It seems it’s possible to play the way you want. At least, that’s what is mentioned in the new gameplay video.


What I’m saying is that some vocal fans are saying they wanted something closer to CABELA SURVIVAL.


It’s, you know, probably like this. :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ll be happy if it’s similar to Rise of the Tomb Raider, with more tombs and puzzles; something they mention is going to be the case in the video.


Ah good old Raider, no tomb necessary. The greatest piece of reboot garbage in SE’s library. They really drove home the theme of raider in this one i tell you.



Wow! It just looks better and better. I can’t wait for this.


This instantly looks more interesting than gunning down hordes of angry mercenaries.

Honestly if the whole game was built around exploration, puzzles and only very limited combat, i’d be happy.


Have you pre-ordered it or are you going to wait and see?

It was probably going to happen anyway, but the video you shared today tipped me over the edge. I’ve gone ahead and purchased the “Croft Edition”. I’m not sure if it is called the same on other platforms, but on Xbox it’s the one that comes with extra outfits/weapons, 48 hour early access, and the season pass.

(The link allows you to compare editions.)

Yay! :star_struck:


I havent watched any gameplay yet, but I’m most likely buying this, Im a big tomb raider fan and I loved Rise of The TR.


I think I’ll wait a bit. But, it does look quite promising. If it’s like Rise, and has more tombs and puzzles, I’ll be really happy.


Approximate size is 171.47 MB?! :smile: