Shadow of the Tomb Raider


I think he meant “realistic in its own narrative”. In Bladerunner it’s realistic that cars can fly and there are replicants all over the place but you won’t find either of these anywhere today.


Genuinely the most annoying part of the previous two games, I’d almost classify it as a shooter at some points.



Can’t wait for the next one with dual wielding Lara back to business. That bow needs to go lol


If you mean the bow needs to go in the next series, then probably yes. It’s not going anywhere in the next game. And the director also already mentioned there’s no dual wielding this time.


Yeah, I get this one is the 3rd of the trilogy of Lara growing up to the badass she was in the ones before reboot. I mean in the next one after this :slight_smile:



Edit: Updated





Note: Apparently, there’s some recording issue. The game doesn’t look washed out as seen in the video.