Shadow of the Tomb Raider


I think he meant “realistic in its own narrative”. In Bladerunner it’s realistic that cars can fly and there are replicants all over the place but you won’t find either of these anywhere today.


Genuinely the most annoying part of the previous two games, I’d almost classify it as a shooter at some points.



Can’t wait for the next one with dual wielding Lara back to business. That bow needs to go lol


If you mean the bow needs to go in the next series, then probably yes. It’s not going anywhere in the next game. And the director also already mentioned there’s no dual wielding this time.


Yeah, I get this one is the 3rd of the trilogy of Lara growing up to the badass she was in the ones before reboot. I mean in the next one after this :slight_smile:



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Note: Apparently, there’s some recording issue. The game doesn’t look washed out as seen in the video.


the Thumbnail of this Video reminds me of the Loadingscreen for “The Jungle God“ - this Game can only be good!



Outside Xbox are always good for some entertaining videos. In this video, Jane plays the game and Andy joins her.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay: LARA VS ANIMALS - Let’s Play Shadow of the Tomb Raider




I just can’t understand this new lara’s personality…
She has no conscience and is hypocritical, but justifies it as doing the right thing.
I want her to think about the legitimacy of her work or show some badass “I don’t give a fuck” attitude like classic lara.


I think this is exactly what the writers wanted to do. They have described this next installment as the end of the beginning. We have seen her journey from a naive young lady who was forced to act in ways she could never have imagined in the first game; that first kill was quite a profound moment in the game. During that first game she began to unlock skills and abilities she never knew she had. In the second game she was becoming accomplished, but she had her own mission this time, rather than one forced on her in the first game. The result of the second game was an even more powerful and deadly woman who is now marked with a need to set the record straight. This third game is going to explore the big question of “just because I can, does it mean I should?” She is going to face her own demons and decide what she is going to do with all the power she possesses.

At the end of this third game, we will have the tomb raider we are more familiar with, only we have had the privilege of working through her story, getting to know how and why she does what she does.


The end of the first game should really have been the end of the beginning. I don’t understand why we need 3 games (all called Tomb Raider) about her becoming a Tomb Raider. It’d be like these 3 Hitman seasons being about 47 becoming a Hitman.

This new game looks like the first of the three that’ll actually have some deeper appeal for me though, so I’m going to give it a chance.