Share Your Last Photo From Your Phone/Computer


Exactly as the title suggests…

Post the last photo you have saved on your phone or computer.

NO CHEATING! Haha whatever it is, post it! (Unless it goes against the forums guidelines, obviously. In that case… Don’t! Lol)

Just a topic I thought would be fun for some laughs, and perhaps interesting discussion haha

Here is mine to start

(It’s a “Goodfellas” canvas I plan to purchase very soon) :stuck_out_tongue:


This is @scm97tl’s post from the funny pictures thread



I would share the pic on my cellphone but I don’t think it is for the taste of everyone. Not NSFW but a bit suggestive. Whatever. I will blur it anyway.

No joking. This was the last thing I downloaded last night. Bad timing for this game.



No way, I also saved a ray liotta goodfellas picture before I saw this post images%20(1)







Haha this is…interesting :flushed: Don’t know what it is, but alrighty lol

@MrBurn4488 no way! That’s awesome!
Goodfellas is the best damn movie ever made! :smiley:

Can’t wait to get my canvas. Really looking forward to it.

@badeaguard I’m not at all surprised :wink:

@bjojo cool! Where were you headed?


My last previously downloaded image is an Europa Universalis 4 meme from Reddit, pretty racist, so won’t post it here. But it’s recent and very noticeable so you could dive in google for 15 minutes and take a look.


I am on Majorca. A holiday till the 20th


I got the prototypes today I have a lot of photos on my phone now.


My last downloaded image is of Guts from the Berserk manga.


Some of my Bourbon bottles -can’t remember why I took it lol…


Random but I found a split Banana so I drew a face on it.

I totally didn’t start moving its mouth to make it talk though :wink:


Holy moly i have some personal screenshots of text messages on my ipad, never realised



I am maybe going to buy this one.

38_-250x250_0 Off Topic but maybe this one.


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You gotta love the german plates. This car was a bit…