📢 Share Your Special Announcements

Don’t mistake this Topic for the “What’s New?” Thread.
In this thread, only share your Big “special” announcements.

Such as:

  • Bought first or new home.
  • Bought first or new vehicle.
  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements.
  • Getting Married.
  • Expecting a child.
  • Quit a bad habit ( Drinking, Smoking, etc.)
  • Your Job (New, Promotion, Retired, etc.)

Only “Big News” you’re very excited about that you wish to share.

Let’s hear it…


I need a shit


You ought to see your GP if this deserves special recognition.

Anyway nice idea for a thread @AGENT4T7. Premature congratulations (funny 'cause it rhymes with ejaculations) to everyone!

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Exactly what i need. Great!

I just made a PS4 community for Bridge Constructor, join and we can share tips and screenshots of our bridges. It’s not hard to find as it’s the only one and i’m the sole member right now. You can also join if you are playing on mobile or other systems. Thanks. See you in the community.

#Hitman: Remake’s visual reveal will be here by February 25th! :smile:

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The Codename 47 in 4k? How does this work? Will there be a download for the full game?

Big News Alert: Can’t believe I’m about to play The worst Hitman game again but this time on Xbox One!:fearful:

Oh and 12 year anniversary at my job yesterday!


Why? Got nothing better to play?

And congrats on the 12 year anniversary. :sunglasses:

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Couldn’t get past the prologue. What a waste of time installing. Still worst Hitman game ever.

Haha, I guess I can say: More drama. :wink:

The Codename 47 in 4k? How does this work? Will there be a download for the full game?


The 2nd year of “Hitman / 47 Day” is coming in 47 more days!!!

Who is gonna participate again this year in the forum?


The What’s New Thread is perfectly fine for big special announcements, and has been used for many of them.

Furthermore, I really don’t want to deal with the arguments over what’s special enough.

(And if it’s really important don’t you want your own thread?)