Shinobi Pack : Hawke's Bay (Now LIVE!)


Doesn’t show on menu, but it’s there when you click on location


Bruh this is easy lel

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Ok, let’s do some hunting


Deadly Shadow wont unlock. Iwe tried it quite a few times now, in my suit, no bodies found. I wonder if i need to finish the mission too


of course you need to finish the mission, they can’t calculate “no bodies found” without it


This challenge pack looks like cheap tactic to grab attention using recently launched successful game Sekiro.
Shinobi pack? Seriously?

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i’m told that all anims are same as knife @scm97tl


Hmm, while attempting to complete Deadly Shadow (by finishing the mission), the game bugs out by refusing to proceed to the results and achievements screen, I’m permanently stuck seeing this with the music playing. Has anyone succeeded at finishing the mission and getting this achievement yet?

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I have. It gets stuck during loading for me too

Edit: Infact, i am stuck in it right now

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Wait, so it gets stuck loading, but gives you the achievement anyway when you restart the game?


someone on discord already got the tanto


I have no idea, i got through the mission finish thing, but it gets stuck on other times when its loading


Is that on PC tho?

Hmm, looks like there’s a “High load” for PC
I restarted the game and can’t even get to the menu now
EDIT: Okay, NOW I can, it took about 2 minutes straight of loading though
EDIT 2: Goddammit, it still didn’t give me the achievement due to this cunting frozen screen.


Im on Pc, so yeah, probs due to high load


Eh, forget this, I was gonna turn my PC off for the night anyway… I’ll come back tomorrow morning… shouldn’t have told everyone the challenge pack is up!


Tanto unlocked with no problems here.

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Do we get the Wetsuit or something by doing this? (I bet we don’t). :joy:


Everything unlocked fine on Xbox.

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On PC?

(If so, must’ve just been a server problem then)