Should HITMAN adopt a new Episodic Model?


As RAINBOW SIX SIEGE hits 25 million players and amid the highly anticipated launch of Operation: White Noise, I thought it would be interesting to pose this question: is R6 SIEGE now the model for how episodic games should work?

Specifically, I’m wondering if players would support a move by IOI to switch HITMAN over to a similar model.

Under this kind of model for example, a new Season or Campaign( like “Patient Zero” or “Season 2”) would be available for free (Story missions, Maps for Contracts Mode, Elusive Targets all free all available just with an update), with the exception maybe of certain cosmetic items (maybe the suits?). New Weapons, Challenges may be hidden away behind say, an in-game currency (ie: grind for weeks for that Striker pistol).

To get the full experience, all suits, and immediate access to all unlockables, we would instead be offered Season Passes - an annual small cost to maintain a VIP standing year on year.

The game up to that point, when a theoretical switch over to Season Passes would happen, would instead become the base game available at retail prices.

In this model, the value and power of your HITMAN Season Pass would grow with each year as content is added on, yet you will always have to pay just the same price… say… 20 usd… each year for content VIP access each year.


Note: I know how a lot of people feel about these kinds of mechanics, but: A) we are in an episodic model already. B) we love Hitman and want this series to be successful so let’s put some thought into this, shall we?


I’m not sure a system like that could work for a single player game. Can’t say I’d like it personally, I feel like taking Hitman further down this rabbit hole of making things more complicated and deciding what content is split up and for what price would just be overly complicated and could look skeevy.

But then, I am a person who would prefer Hitman 7 to just be released as a full game on launch and do DLC, rather than any kindof episodic model. Just my preference.


Fair enough… Forgot to note the fundamental differences in product type (single player vs Multiplayer).
My own thoughts is that DLC is a simpler path… and my main problem with the current model was just mostly with semantics (“IOI using confusing words and terms when there are known names for them like how Patient Zero should have just been called Patient Zero DLC… instead of being lumped together in a GOTY update announcement”)


I kind of doubt it’ll make that much of a difference. Aside from the single player and multiplayer aspect, first person/third person shooters are much more popular then the stealth genre sadly.


Making players have to grind for gameplay-significant items unless they pay to unlock them immediately is one of the single worst payment models around. It’s the payment model of predatory phone games.

The problem is that you just can’t balance it well. Do you make it easy and fun to unlock the items on your own? Then everyone does that and you lose a ton of money. Do you encourage people to pay up by making the grind onerous? Then you’ve made an unfun game.

The model is perfect as is. Buy the game in advance, then enjoy the game as it is slowly doled out. Excellent.


So is Siege popular because of Season Passes? Or is it successful in spite of Season Passes?

Because I felt the come on was “MOST of the content is free, your VIP pass is mostly to just make things faster and you get some special skins…It’s not pay to win because you can earn them the long way…”

In my mind… I wasn’t sure for example what would happen if Operation: White Noise was “20 usd or you DON’T play White Noise” which is what HITMAN is right now with regards to say Patient Zero.

Also I am kind of thinking on the side of IOI here… It’s tough figuring out “what makes a great 20 usd purchase?” And look at Patient Zero. It is mostly a work of love, but it also uses an existing set of maps…You can just imagine after this goes out… the feeling is… “Now what do we do?”

But what if your 20usd purchase this year was Patient Zero VIP access, and next year another 20 usd (because let’s face it… the goal should be to sell a 20usd unit every year to each HITMAN owner I guess)… what if your next 20 usd Pass was Patient Zero VIP + Season 2 VIP. Then the year after that the same 20 usd Pass is PZero VIP + S2 VIP + S3 VIP… I mean… doesn’t that partially explain the upward curve enjoyed by R6 SIEGE?

With each year, they have naturally made it more and more enticing for each owner of R6 SIEGE to plunk down that 20/25 usd figure for the VIP pass because the bundles accumulate rather than exclude each other as separate buys.

The other advantage is they don’t have to go through this painful cycle of announcing stuff and then having to explain themselves later and “What is GOTY?” “What is individual episodes?” “What is Patient Zero?”…In this model it’s just: “This new content is coming. If you get Season Pass you get this level of access…Done.”

It’s still 20 usd!

Again, for academic discussion purposes only.


Ultimately, to reiterate what @silvereye27, I don’t think this system would work.

HITMAN is a single-player game. Where R6 exceeds in multiplayer gameplay, H6 is contained in a single-player world. In GS:GO, showing off your rare skins earns you “social standing.” In H6, no ones cares which games you played or how many ET’s you’ve completed. If you’re good at H6, you’re good. If you’re unique with H6, you’re unique!

The act of playing the game is enjoyable, and watching someone experience the game is enjoyable.


Would fail. Who’d pay for purple guns and toy bombs


is that sarcastic? Cause they would.


Yup. Forgot to add /s