Should I buy Hitman: Blood Money in 2016?

So I played Hitman: Absolution and later HITMAN. It may sound strange: I really liked Absolution. Everyone says Blood Money is better and that it is the best Hitman-game ever. I decided to give Blood Money a try by playing the demo. This means I played the first level. To be honest, it didn’t impress me: The level design was not good and the controls felt weird. But I’m still curious why it is rated so good. Is it still worth playing in 2016?


Im way to biased to answer this question, alot of nostalgia is involved. But yes. Yes, yes yes.


Every Hitman game is worthy, because they have very unique aspects in their own, in the case of Blood Money the game mechanics are pretty good and has many details like the newspaper and the customization that make it a very unique experience each time you play the missions with different approaches. In the case you want something balanced between difficulty and the old school vibe, go for Hitman:Contracts .

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I heard the best about Contracts was the atmosphere. Does BM have a good atmosphere?

I think you should buy the game just for the atmosphere. The first level doesn’t create it all, it’s just the begin. If you’re talking about death of a showman, this level has also one of the best atmospheres of the game. The first playthrought is always the best, so go for it.

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Yes it has, but the atmosphere from Contracts is darker and obscure while BM has a more vibrant one. Personally, I enjoy more Contracts because it’s atmosphere mixed with a truly great soundtrack. You should try Hitman 2: Silen Assassin as well, because this one is basically a very difficult title that gives the vibe of an epic adventure, and the soundtrack is equally epic. Finally, BM really is a good improvement in many aspects, but if you’re looking for difficulty then go for Contracts and SA.

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of course, because you are waaay to late to play the game.

The Game is at it best, for it’s time.


@Caramoxyde I personally didn’t like the first mission (Death of a Showman), but that’s because it’s a tutorial mission; it’s linear to show you what you can do.

The levels after that, however, are much more open and interesting, and there are many ways to kill your target.

The controls may feel weird, but once you get used to them, they’ll be fine.

So yes, buy it. It isn’t expensive, and it’s very fun.


That’s a shame, I’d like to love it like some people still do :disappointed:

I am one of these guys who played the games in order. Admitting the mechanics are different from Absolution and HITMAN, it’s still a great game. The story and locations are some of the best in the series. It’s only $9 USD on Steam. I’m sure you can find it cheap for a console. You’ll get your $9 worth so I say go for it.


I played Blood Money for the first time a few years back, around 2012, after playing Absolution. You’re never too late to appreciate a game.


Lol no, Absolution is the most garbage compared to all hitman games.

Hitman 6 is following the old four games a lot. Absolution is just pure garbage, action stealth splinter cell wannabe. Story is a lot of jokes.

Don’t try to be a smartass if you new to the franchise.


It’s kinda hard, there are a lot of people saying buy it, and there are also people telling me not to buy it. I don’t have much money right now.

@Caramoxyde, I would buy BM. It is well worth the current price of $9. If you prefer absolution to HM 2016, then I would suggest not buying it. But if you are enjoying Hitman 2016, you will enjoy BM once you get the hang of the controls. BM has some really fun levels and hits to perform.


You played first level? It’s training?

The demo for Blood Money is Death of a Showman. It’s a linear training level. Someone above suggested it is atmospheric, but I disagree. It’s a functional training level, but a crap mission. Definitely get Blood Money, the actual hits (A Vintage Year onwards) are awesome.

Arguably, it is a better game than Hitman 2016.


There isn’t a better way to say it.

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Wow, so it’s actually too difficult for you. So you want it easy peasy. Good to know.


I can start BM any day and have fun playing it, and it’s not because of “nostalgia”. I bet you’re just a troll though.

What game mechanic is better in Absolution?
Absolution stealth mechanic is garbage.

It’s pretty easy to figure out.
Are you crying because you’re not good enough?


Given the fact that you started from the top and working backwards, it might be hard to like it. I love Blood Money so much, it’s my favorite Hitman game. The controls are different of course to 2016 and no instinct. If you like Absolution because of the linear style, don’t get Blood Money. If you love 2016 and have the patience to learn the controls of Blood Money, go for it. Blood Money is worth the money. It’s my opinion but I really love Blood Money. I hope this helps in your decision! :slight_smile: