Should I buy Hitman: Blood Money in 2016?

You’re completely wrong in that respect.


Look, the first level is just a tutorial. It’s awfully lineal and nothing like the latter levels. If you played Absolution and [HITMAN], be aware, is much more similar to the new one, and very different to Absolution.
Lots of the best features of Blood Money requiere you to play several levels, like the newspaper or the notoriety system where you get recognized (or not) in latter levels depending on your performance on the previous missions.
I would suggest you buy the complete game. No doubt. In fact, I’d recommend you buy every installment.


Yes go on, because those points very not very strong.
Cover, vaulting and subdue doesn’t make absolution better.[quote=“Immadummee, post:25, topic:9583”]

Just cuz you look at absolution as a Hitman game, that’s what the problem is. Just look at it as a 3rd person stealth game, unbiased and open minded and it’s a great game.
Yes I look at it as a hitman game, what are we discussing here?
If absolution wasn’t a hitman game, I would still not think it was better.
Metal Gear Solid V is better than BM, just so everyone know.

>Stealth game
Ye, or not.

I played SA first, but then I didn’t play any hitman games after that, untill 2012.
I didn’t play Contracts and BM when they were released because I didn’t know they were released.
2012 I found out a new hitman was gonna be released, so I got it. I played it and wondered what happened to series and started playing blood money.
I actually played BM after Absolution.[quote=“Immadummee, post:25, topic:9583”]
It’s just a bad game to play for the first time after playing Ab and H6.
I guess its a bad game to play if you’re a scrub at stealth games.
BM isn’t even a difficult stealth game, it’s like the easiest one in the series.

Absolution and Thief 3 are bad stealth games because they are linear and very limiting on the gameplay. Dishonered have linear maps, but adds freedom of choice in game play. You can choose how you want to play as corvo and which path you want to take. In Thief 3 and Absolution you’re forced to take 1 or 2 paths and can’t make many choices as a player.


BM is extremely replayable. I have no idea why I just kept doing the same mission (A New Life) over and over again.

Agree. I played every level at least 50 times :grin:


stupid fucking thread sorry

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In response to the O.P. I’ll quick give my opinion on the subject to you…

You said Absolution was your first Hitman game and that you later went back to play BM. To be honest, I can see why you may have thought that BM doesn’t live up to it’s hype.

But realistically, of course if you go from “current day” Hitman games, back to the originals, you are going to see a huge difference in terms of gameplay, controlls and even the difficulty.

Not all, but most people that enjoyed all the games (including myself) are the ones that played all the games from the very beginning as they were released. (Some)
So yes, nostalgia may have a lot to do with it (for some) but it’s not everything. I’ve seen many people that were new to the franchise, then went from Absolution, back to the earlier installments and loved them just the same.

What it basically boils down to is your own personal preference, really.

But obviously, there is no denying the fact that the “modern day” Hitman games are more “player friendly” in terms of controlls and difficulty. So going back to the older ones, I can totally understand how some may not find them quite as enjoyable.

But as I said. Not everyone feels that same way. So if you haven’t played the older ones yet, I would highly recommend you do so. (You might be surprised) They may be old, but IMO they have aged pretty well. People still play those games even today, so that should tell you something.

Just remember, the older ones are totally different than today’s, especially compared to Absolution. I would recommend buying the “HD Trilogy” You’ll have all the past games (except “Codename 47” -PC only)
Plus, from last I’ve checked; is currently $20.00 USD. Not a bad deal, even if you end up not liking them that much, you can always sell it.

Good Luck to you, I really hope you consider giving them a try. :wink:
Just to give you an idea.

(IMO anyway)

All the Games (For me) go in this order, in terms of difficulty, from Easiest to Hardest.

-Blood Money
-(Current Hitman) -so far.
-Codename 47
-Hitman 2

Have fun.


It’s not a great game as a standalone from the series either. It’s good perhaps.
Blood money is a better game, better hitman game and better stealth game.

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Thanks for the comment! For now I’m thinking about BM. I’ll look into the HD-Trilogy later, when I’ve got more money.


Here is a picture og the HD-Trilogy.

Hitman HD Trilogy is a HD remastering of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It was released on January 29, 2013.

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C47 stands for “Codename: 47”, meaning the first installment of the series. And no, the HD trilogy does not include Codename 47.

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It was kind of a stupid question I asked :sweat_smile: as trilogy means three games/books/whatever


The HD Trilogy is not available for PC, but you can buy all the games separately.

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Since when are games judged by their age? I mean 2 years ago I played Fallout (1998) for the first time and I was blown the fuck away by it.

In short : buy it. And Contracts, it’s better.


Contracts is awesome. Much more tense than Blood Money. Much darker too.


I wish HITMAN (2016) had a much darker tone too.


Me too. That’s why I loved A House Built On Sand.


Buy the HD Trilogy like I did. It has Hitman 2, Contracts, and Blood Money on it.

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I’m on PC, so I have to buy them seperately :frowning:

That’s too funny! Probably the best damn stealth Hitman out right now