Should I buy the Expansion Pass?

Isn’t it better to wait for a Game Of The Year edition to get all the things including GOTY exclusives?

The problem with this logic is that you may wait for an edition that never comes.

And even if it did, IO have shown in the past that they will provide an upgrade path to GOTY anyway.

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Most likely GOTY Edition if it ever happens will be available for additional cost as it was with GOTY Edition for HITMAN 2016

Honestly , its a lot of money(39.99 US)for the expansion.with that being said, i have enjoyed the New york level, and looking forward to Maldives and all of the content. If you can not pay full price, it would be a win/win.Like a sale or code on ebay for less than orig. price

Do you enjoy the content IO is providing and play the game a whole damn lot? Yes, buy it.
If not, don’t.

Unless you have the money to spare and wanna support IO anyway. :smiley:
The New York level is great, as well as the other content that is provided.

Then again HITMAN 2 + GOTY Legacy Pack is so much content that can last you for months.

Short version: Buy everything.

Long version: Buy everything, you won’t regret it.