Should Season 3 go back to episodic release?

Anyone else want Season 3 to be episodic like Season 1? I know I really enjoyed having a month to really explore and master each level before the next one came out. It felt like the game stayed really fresh for a long time getting new levels spread out like that. With H2 I feel like it wasn’t as polished either like H1 was and maybe giving the developers more time to work on each level over time was better? What do you all think?

  • Yes, I like to get a new level every month.
  • No, I want the whole game at once.
  • I’m not sure. I could go either way.

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I’d also like to add that instead of making an entire new game for season 3 like they did for season 2 (I’m assuming that was partially because they had to change ownership), season 3 could just be more DLC for HITMAN 2. You could pay 9.99 for each new level or just pay for the season up front and get to download each new level as they come out for season 3. Then we wouldn’t have the issues of Season 2 where we need a legacy pack DLC and we lose all of our past unlocks from Season 1 and have any lame reskins because they need to incorporate Season 1 weapons for the people who don’t have Season 1. Lot of reason this could be much better than making an entirely new Hitman 3 game separate from HITMAN 2.


100% no, it would be a PR disaster for IO.


they’ve stated that they’re already planning to do this

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Source? I believe you, I just can’t find that statement anywhere.

i prefer episodic, but unfortunately, most people viewed it as a cash grab. so IOI shouldn’t do it


it was from @Sven_IOI, he stated that H2 would be a sort of “Hitman Hub” for the future games (Hitman 3). i can’t find the interview right now, but yeah. obviously don’t hold him to that statement, but that’s what it’s looking like at the moment


Coud be taken as true since, yeah I remember hearing that from a developer as well but… Season 1 also promised to be a “Hitman Hub” for future installments but that didn’t pan out.

It would be way more convenient if ‘Season 3’ were simply DLC for H2. No more Hitman 2016 vs. ‘Legacy Pack DLC’, Hitman: Season 1 --> HITMAN 2, and general marketing push differences, causing confusion for the public.

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I missed the episodic formula the first time around, and frankly like the idea. Of all game series to have such a thing, it seems really appropriate for Hitman. Taking time off between assassinations and such, like a real killer would do.


I’m fine with either one, but I’d prefer episodic.

Having a month to play just a single level makes you more motivated to play that map instead of being overwhelmed by 6 maps and cherrypicking your favourite.

I still can’t get into Colombia, Mumbai and Sgail because of this. Miami and Whittleton Creek are my favourite maps and I’m always motivated to play those; but I can’t say the same for the others.

Doing Isle of Sgail and Mumbai SASO was a pain for me and I still haven’t got it for Colombia because it seems like a hostile downgraded Sapienza, with elements of Colorado. Considering that Colorado is my least favourite map and I absolutely despise it, I can say the exact same for Colombia.

At least I was encouraged to play the maps in Season One because I had to wait for the next episode. It seemed that the maps in Season One overall seem to be better than Season Two maps. Miami and WC are great, but Season 2 can’t keep up with Hokkaido, Paris and Sapienza alone.

But that’s just what I think.


As the calendar draws on and we need to kill 26 new elusives across the new maps… that will change.

No more episodic please. Giving all main levels at once and then keeping updating the game with live content is the best setup :+1:


Episodic makes up for a far better HITMAN experience. All the devs feel the same way. Too bad financially wise it probably isn’t the best move, because a lot of people are just dumb.


Preffer episodic but litterrally everyone whould loose their shit like with 2016 soo whouldnt be a smart decisiin unless they changed their company name to telltale cause only they can getaway with it

Episodic was far more enjoyable for me. It was easier to take in all the challenges, find the easter eggs and really dig in to each level as they came out. Having them all in one big chunk at the same time felt too much. It ended up feeling more like a chore, wading through the seemingly never ending challenges only to earn re-skinned items.

IOI really seem to be struggling with bug fixes, crashing issues and the sniper problems as well. It’s probably too much for them on that front as well as for us.


If you release all at once it’s good to binge-play, but it’s also more stressful bc soooo many pro-players had already finished the game when I was still in the middle of it :sweat_smile: Also love the mood in the legacy maps (though I don’t really know if that is due to the episodic release), even though the maps of the second season are starting to grow on me :smile:

God please no, NOOO!


yeah episodic was way better. it’s also way better for the community, for example I remember the week that Bangkok released @GTAJJ’s mega thread was very active with lots of people working together to get the gold coin

we don’t really get that anymore, hopefully the expansions will bring back that sort of thing


Personally, I think I preferred the episodic release. The reason being because you have something to look forward to each month or so, and for that reason, at least for me, it makes the game more “digestible” and longer lasting. By that I mean that in a game like Hitman, each of these levels are HUGE with TONS of challenges, ways to kill targets, and places to explore. However, unless you’re a true completionist, and the game has all the locations at once, you’re probably going to just complete the mission and move on to the next one. But with episodic releases, you only have this one huge location to explore, and perfect your approach, which is what Hitman is all about, so I believe the episodic route works best for Hitman. Sure, it’s nice to have all the locations at once, and be totally free to go through them in any order you please, but episodic all the way for me.

It was and still is a huge mess with all being sold seperately. I think alot of confusion and misunderstandings was generated by this. And bugs probably too.

Also what is the gain? You are forced to not rush through it? Isn’t that more a personal issue? Give that decision to the user.