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So, I am in love with all things Hitman and would love some merch like t-shirts, mugs etc. However, i don’t know what is out there and where to get it and Ithought it would be cool with a place to show off all your hitman related merch and tell other if and where it is obtainable.


Search for Musterbrand Hitman. You can find there some apparel.
I had 2 shirts from there. Cool stuff. For the rest I’m a replicating the Hitman Silverballers and own a WA2000 airsoft. Cool stuff.

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I bought a few hitman related shirts on, the print Will get worn down the line but thats to be expected for the price honestly. Would recommend.

This is my favorite. _20180803_222249

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That’s pretty cool! I personally really like gaming merch that sticks to mere symbols. If it’s 47 with ballers out, it might stick out in a professional setting or something like that. Nobody, however, knows what ICA’s logo looks like except for the ones who appreciated it.


While I totally approve of all Hitman collections, we do already have a thread where people can do just that :slightly_smiling_face:


We also have another thread for all collections (including Hitman ones), which is more recent. I’d suggest continuing discussion in there, or you can revive the topic @AGENT4T7 has linked.

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