Show only favorites in inventory

say you’re choosing your loadout, and you want to choose what pistol you will bring. instead of having to scroll through all of the clutter to get what you want, you should be able to select which pistols are your favorite, and then press “P” (or whatever button) to show only favorite pistols. you should be able to toggle favorites for any item category, from suits to melee

what do you guys think?


That would certainly cut down clutter to an extent, but I don’t think IOI wants to improve the mechanics they already have as much as they want to introduce new content. It would definitely be worth bringing to their attention however.

Sounds good!

I see nothing wrong with it, if IOI has the time

Sounds like a cool idea. But i rather have them fix the whole saving your loadout situation first. It’s annoying that it doesn’t save your starting location and smuggled item.

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I agree. On top of that I would also like so see loadout being saved based on mission and not location.
It’s always annoying for me when i want to play bonus mission yet I have main mission’s loadout displayed.

Regarding showing favourites in inventory I think the obvious solution is adding a literal favourites bar where we can set our favourite guns and items to show up.

Also separating melee and explosives to lethal and non-lethal should slightly help with item clutter.

That would be cool, with also Pre-Crafted Loadouts so we can choose a set per mission :+1: