Show us your (airsoft) guns!


So I know a lot of people on this forum have replica guns, airsoft guns, and some even real guns. Maybe you can show us your Silverballer you handcrafted or perhaps your whole arsenal. You don’t have to when you’re uncomfortable with this, and you can always discuss why. You can also talk about a weapon you want to buy but don’t have.

Basically, talk about your guns!

Oh, and for other’s interest, please add the model.


Finger gun, model 1988.

You know I had to.


I have a WALTHER 2000 from UMAREX

M16 from G&G

I had a R29 from ARMY turned into the Blackballer (not perfect)

I had a COLT 1911 from WE turned into the Silverballer Mark 1

COLT 1911 SERIES 70 from CYBERGUN turned into the Silverballer Mark 2

Last I own a COLT SERIES 70’S from INOKATSU the most realistic airsoft Colt ever made and this is the Silverballer Mark 3.


My TM FN FiveSeveN

Will be getting a P90 to match :smiley:


Dude! You should work as a prop maker! They look ridicoulusly awesome :smiley::raised_hands:


Fixed. :slight_smile:
20 Prop Makers


Not mine, but my friend owns this BB bad boy:


Maybe change the background if the bad boy is white :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:.


The picture shows up on my browser/phone but it is from a Japanese site. Maybe region restrictions?

Anyway it is a picture of KSC’s airsoft replica of the AUTO-9 from Robocop.


Robocop? I found out many years later it was a Beretta all this time.


Yeah it’s a modified Beretta M9 I think.

In early tests the gun for Robocop was a Desert Eagle but when the costume was put together and they did some tests they found the gun was too small. This made it necessary to instead come up with a Frankenstein gun made from a Beretta and a custom made “coffin compensator”. The rear iron sights are from another weapon though I don’t recall what.

Once the AUTO-9 was finalized as the weapon along with the “Thigh Holster”, there were also plans to create a forearm ammo compartment but this never made it to final cut. Instead the gun just appears to have nearly unlimited ammo.

The rejected, partially modified Desert Eagle though can still be seen in the film. It is used by the villain Clarence Boddicker.


I have no idea, the picture you uploaded is the only picture on this forum I can’t see :flushed: :joy:, but I found the gun when I searched on Google :smiley:



Naaah. I’m only replicating the Silverballer because I’m in love with it. Other weapons I really don’t care.

And the WA2000 is perfect as it is.


5.7 Fanboi. Do I need to say more?



@Agent-57 you are missing in here.

Show us what you got


So yeah this happened…