Showstopper Basement

This area seems relatively empty. You can do stuff like tinker with the gas and poision the soup, but I don’t think any of the targets wander down to this level.

What are some fun things you can do downstairs?

Erase the CCTV footage, pick up disguises, posion, escape and a start area.


There’s a lot going on in the basement. The Sarajevo target ends up down there, too.

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Beyond this the CCTV room also acts as Novikov’s safe room in case of an alarm. Making it possible to either intercept him as he runs there, or plant a bomb there (one of the challenges if I’m not mistaken) (confusing since the challenge sort of reads like Novikov and Dalia have a shared safe room… and I don’t think they do)


I’d assume there’d be some food to poison down there, it’s where the kitchen is after all. Doesn’t seem like it though.

Not all the time. I think the safe room is dependent on where he is when the alarm goes off. If he’s towards the east side of the palace then he runs to the room upstairs with the piano in it.

Main uses for the basement for me were poison, a spare waiter disguise, access past security checkpoints and into the staircases, and CCTV removal.

That’s even more confusing then I thought.

That challenged is bugged or something for me. You are correct. They have separate saferooms. I killed them both with explosives in their safe room. One with the pale rubber duck and one with the proximity thing. I couldn’t avoid non target kills…

I don’t think so, since there is no food or NPC’s leaving the basement kitchen. I just think it’s a extra place to pick up some posion.

Personal theory - The basement and museum areas of the museum will be more important at the end of the season. We’ll return to Paris for the finale, and they will remix (using the brick system) the Paris basement for a face-off mission with mystery man.

Maybe. I certainly suspect the seventh “secret” location/mission will be the finale. Certainly, Paris would work.

I think the ICA training headquarters might actually work better though, if parts outside of the simulation area were accessible.

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where are the crates to smuggle weapons up the stairs?

They are nowhere as far as I can tell.

that’s very strange. They stated that this was possible, In Travis’ official playthrough, he mentions it. Maybe they decided it was too easy. ???

It was possible when I played the alpha. I guess they removed it for balancing reasons.

I had meant to experiment, perhaps if he’s too far from the basement or the second floor saferoom there’s a way to make him join Dalia. The challenge looks like you’re supposed to take them together, and my attempts didn’t work out as the panic was over by the time I set up the second one.

If you trigger the alarm fire, Novikov will go into the basement (Safezone) for hiding with his bodyguard

I’m trying that challenge. I think they mean each their saferoom but I’m not really sure. Killed them both separated in their saferoom with explosive but nothing. It doesn’t work and I don’t know why

As for safe room I was able to do it in the past I somehow got mobile device to call alarm 17 but I never able to find this mobile again since…(I thought it was on novkov bodyguard but nada my memory gone with all this rooms (what a big freaking map! nice!)

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I too get lost often. How do you get the mobile device? What is that?

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