Showstopper Lights Kill Bug?

Hi Guys,

Playing through 1&2 from scratch as I just got 3. For the life of me I can’t work this one out. I completed the lights out mission story on The Showstopper, but “The Showstopper” Challenge isn’t showing as completed. I didn’t notice until I’d finished. So I played again and did the Kruger challenge and then tried the lights again while I was there… Still nothing. I waited for Viktor to be at the beginning of the stage, tried at the end of the stage, tried at the beginning of his speech and even at the end when he’s walking off. Nothing… Help?


Hello Oliver.

From what I’ve seen, you’re not the only one who experienced such issue. I’d like to ask you to post this into the official bug report thread. That way the developers will likely see it. Have a nice day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just want to say that i have the same problem as you, i have tried everithing i could think off killing him first, killing him after dalia activating with a explosive, and even tried at each sentence of his speech, nothing works.

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Same… Pitty… just completed all the challenges for Paris and that’s the only one left.


That’s for hitman 3, is there a bug thread for hitman 1? It seems bizarre they’d leave a bug in a game that’s 5 years old given it stops completionists

Same here on both fronts. I must have tried showstopper a half dozen times with no luck.

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The way you said made me think you were talking about Legacy Pack within HITMAN 3. So pardon me for misunderstanding. But to answer your question…

There used to be one, but since the forum got renovated, it’s long gone. The game is unlikely to receive any future update, either. There’s nothing we players can do about that.

Oh I was. Sorry I figured as it was 1 content it belonged in the 1 bug thread. Il post it in the 3 thread later :v:t2:

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My issue is every time I released the light rig, just as falls and kills the target, the game freezes( an unexpected error has occurred) and the game shuts down. I’ve tried 4 times to complete this challenge and the game keeps shutting down and I have to start over( ps4, after purchasing hitman 3 )

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Post this report in Bug Report Thread so this issue surely be seen and taken into consideration by the developers.
I recommend to read the initial post in that thread and compose your report by a given template

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Other question (I didn’t wanted to open up a new thread for it). Is it possible to loosen up the lights with explosives? I would like to stand in front of the catwalk when I pull the trigger :grin:

Yes, it’s possible.
Breaching Charge (for quiet explosion) should do the work as well

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Okay I will try! Thank you!

I’m having the same problem got hitman 3 and finished all the challenges in paris except showstopper. I’m not sure if it was related but I was going for multiple challenges you know saving the game kill them load and kill them different but that’s when I noticed it didn’t give me the challenge so now I haven’t been doing that. Also when I got near the end of the challenges I had a hell of a time getting the in plain sight challenge I know I shot them within 10 seconds didn’t get spotted but I had to play it a number of times before it gave it to me after bumping up the difficulty from casual to professional. Thought it would maybe work for the showstopper challenge but sadly it is still marked as uncompleted.

If you haven’t already solved this, try dropping the light rig on him as he walks past the long end of the stage during his loop, not when he’s actually on the stage. That’s what did it for me. If you release it as soon as he starts moving out from under the speaker that he stops directly under for a moment after coming back inside from the patio lounge it should catch him.

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This works btw. Thanks crimson!!!