Shuriken Location

Is there a shuriken in the Situs Inversus mission? If so where is it located?

Nope. Shuriken are only found in Hawke’s Bay in H2. You must bring your own shuriken to complete challenges.

You can refer some info on the Hitmanmaps website here:

Hope this will help you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip! I have used those maps before, completely forgot about them.

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And Paris

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Specifically, Holiday Hoarders.

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Ah, right! They were in one of the gifts Santa gave you, weren’t they?

They were no shuriken in gifts iirc. Its on a dresser near the backstage of the fashion show where a woman stands and doesn’t move

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You’re right! It was one of the targets which Harry and Marv were going to steal. I couldn’t remember that one. Thanks!

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It is on Holiday Hoarders and The Showstopper, in my memory at least. Just to clear up confusion.

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I know I’m a little late but someone could have answered his question with “You can get the shuriken from leveling up in Hokkaido.”
You guys are unhelpful. Lmao.

It was answered.

And since Jamie didn’t ask “where do you unlock Shurikens?” means he knew that you unlock it in Hokkaido. He was asking if there were any on the map.

You digging up an old thread to “correct” something that doesn’t need to be corrected brings nothing to the table. I’d even say it’s worse than if no one would have given Jamie the answer he was looking for.