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Me too, well chuffed with this. The rifle mastery grind begins all over again :rofl:


I’m getting some Hitman 2 Silent Assassin vibes from that teaser

Except this time WE are the crazy precise Japanese snipers

but probably in Russia


It seems we’re using the same sniper rifle as ‘Hantu Port’ SA location, the Druzhina 34 ICA.

Such a bummer…

But travis said we can unlock this one in the previous stream

Sniper map ? I don’t care…


Okay that’s good to know


Sooner than I would have thought. Cool!

i’m really disappointed that the prison is a sniper mission and not a sandbox mission, since i never play this mode. i wanted a prison map more than an airport map.

inb4 someone begs IO to release that suit as an unlock


Maybe there will be times during the mission where the snow can block your sight. Seems like a blizzard is going on during this assigment.


travis did say we would be able to unlock the rifle on the previous lifestream hope the suit is going to be the same

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So can we confirm we’re using the same rifle on ‘The Prison’ map? I thought each map was gonna introduce an unique rifle. Sniper 300 Ghost on Himmelstein, Druzhina 34 ICA on Singapur and another one on this snowy location…:frowning:

Maybe new sniper rifles will be only available to Stone & Knight? they got new sniper rifles in Hantu Port.

ICA druzhina 34 covert?

Really funny, IOI!
Giving us [europeans] a map with a winter-setting during an already super hot summer. :upside_down_face:

But even if Im not really into the sniper challenge-mode,
I hope that there is a great reason for getting the prison-map more earlier as the roadmap of 2019 says. :wink:

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I love that outfit. Imma be mad if we don’t get to unlock that too


Well, after the port I even liked the sniper mode, so I will be waiting. Moreover, it is possible that it will finally become a return to Russia where we have not been since “Contracts”.

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no we’re not

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The image shows the ICA variant of the Druzhina, so it’s natural to inmediatly think that’s the sniper rifle we’ll be using this time aswell.


Expect it has camo i believe