Silent Assasin/Suit Only Bangkok


I’ve tried many ways and have been going nuts trying to figure this out! No matter what I do I can Not get the bodyguard away from Morgan. Every time I drop my gun behind the fence where Morgan makes a phone call and the bodyguard drinks. The bodyguard calls for security to get the gun. I’ve tried so many ways to distract, Rat poison, sound distractions etc…as anyone figured it out?! If so let me know.


Lethal vial poison the food he samples. Easy kill for SA/SO.

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You could also use emetic poison on Morgan, then shoot the coconuts above the trash can where he pukes, if you’re good at shooting without being spotted.

There is also good ole’ fe+duck.

There is also the good ole’ “bump into an NPC so he stops walking” mechanic. Just bump on the guard when Morgan is about to go make his call, an area of restricted visibility. Have the guard lag behind and morgan take cover, then use coins or ducks to split them further away and use a poison syringe on Morgan.


Emetic poison the bodyguard, and set up distractions to get Ken Morgan alone.
It’s tough, but not impossible. :wink:

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Also, if you emetic poison Ken’s bodyguard from his water bottle, you can drop a chandelier on Ken as he tastes the food. The weird block-like structures above the restaurant work as falling objects.


You don’t have to emetic his bodyguard if you just time it right.

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I’m tying to complete SA/SO with no bodies found. On PS4 Hitman Disc that’s the option it gives me for hat challenge.


A poison kill bodies found doesn’t affect your SA rating. So you don’t need to hide the body. Even though it say bodies found, you don’t lose that bonus on a poison kill, just like a bodies found on an accident kill.

Here’s a video if you want to see how I kill Morgan.


Yeah, go for any accident kill and the body may be found and not affect your SA rating.