Silent assassin suit only bug?

I completed the challenge twice already on “The Final Test” level and it won’t unlock for me. I’m on Xbox One. Anyone else having this issue?

Are you sure you hid all bodies and didn’t kill anyone except the target?

This is misleading. You don’t have to hide the bodies. Them not being found is enough.

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No, it’s not. One of the requirements is to HIDE ALL BODIES.

Also, bugs have stopped me from unlocking it. Sebastian is able to see through walls apparently. I got victor alone in the stairwell but apparently the stylists a floor above me, 2 rooms away, have x-Ray vision. Sometimes it says I’ve completed the challenge, sometimes it doesn’t. We’re screwed until we get a patch so honestly I wouldn’t advise even attempting it until they fix their game.

I left a body laying around and I got Silent Assassin.

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Try to do it without loading, there is obviously a bug that makes challenges unfinished when loading a savegame.


Yeah you can do that for silent assassin, but for both silent assassin AND suit only in one play through, hiding all bodies is one of the requirements.

I left 3 and still got it. I think it only matters or for the targets, or for dead bodies only

I had this yesterday on PS4, had to do it 4 times to get it to trigger, did it exactly the same way every time, all bodies hidden, no spotted, no deaths aside from target.

@Kotti Just did a dank sub five min SO SA showstopper run.

It’s a typo or miscommunication. You don’t need to hide all bodies in closets/containers. It works like the old games “No bodies found”.

In Showstopper you also need to make sure you don’t run in sight of cameras. Or remove the tapes in the basement.

If that’s the case, it must be bugged on my end. On my second attempt, I forgot to hide victor’s guard, but I didn’t get the message telling me a body was found, and it didn’t unlock for me.

Pretty sure this is bugged, I’ve done suit only silent assassin twice now and not even unlocked the suit only challenge, might not be meeting SA criteria but I’m sure as hell rocking that turtleneck all mission. Does anyone know if using things like Rat poison or enemies guns affect SO?

Yeah. Completed “The Final Test” multiple times suit only, never spotted, killed target and knocked out the guard that follows him. Dumped them both in the bathroom container got the the exit without being seen. No bodies left out in the open. Never seen. No disguises. No “Silent Assassin, suit only” awarded. Tried multiple times. Hopefully IO/SE will resolve this soon!! Wasn’t resolved with todays patch 1.02!! Playing on ps4!!

I left bodies of non-targets laying around and I also loaded, so neither of those are requirements.

Yes, this challenge on “the final test” is definitely bugged. I’ve gotten every challenge except for the “silent assassin/suit only” challenge, even after getting both the “silent assassin” and “suit only” challenges at the end of the same mission play-through. I’ve retried several times, fulfilling all criteria every time, to no avail. In one attempt I didn’t even subdue the guard that follows Jasper around (by placing and poisoning the vodka, all without costumes) and I still got nothing! I play on Xbox one. Please patch this!

I could be wrong but heres what i remember off hand.

Dont go by just the criteria listed at the end of the mission (no bodies, not spotted, etc) Go into the challenges and actually read VERY carefully what it says for SA/SO. I’m pretty sure it does include the requirement to HIDE ALL BODIES.

If you maxed your points at the end of mission AND completed the challenge EXACTLY as the actual challenge reads, then proly a bug. But I’m on XB and had no trouble.

Now here’s my question, if you get spotted doing a “crime” by only Dalia and you then kill her, does it count toward getting spotted?