Silent assassin suit only silenced pistol run

Hi all. First post. I 've been playing Hitman since Hitman 2 Silent Assassin on the PS2. Always been partial to taking down my targets with the silenced silver baller and suit only if at all possible. Would love to hear your insight for pulling this strategy off for Paris in both Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 Legacy. Thanks guys.

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I preferable fiberwire.

Are you looking to do it ONLY with the pistol? By which I mean, no using any other items? Cause it’s definitely doable (its been a while since I’ve played paris, but off the top of my head- grab some rat poison from the kitchen, poison the sushi Viktor’s guard eats in the kitchen, that will free up Viktor. Then go to Dalia’s meeting room, hit her when she’s alone. I could post a run for you this weekend if you’d find that helpful.

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Yeah love the fiber wire also my man. Just like the satisfaction of popping a .45 round into my target’s skull more.

Hello dude. Thanks for your reply. Yeah Dahlia I can pretty much take care but for me Viktor is much more problematic. I’ve tried numerous times pulling the fire alarm and then racing to the basement to see if I can subdue his guard and then put a bullet in Viktor’s skull after the all clear is given, but it never works out for me! They always seem to take a different route to the security room and I always get made. Never tried poisoning the food the bodyguard samples though.

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I’ve done this in my first playthrough and completed it with Suit Only and my targets all killed by pistol or fiberwire.
You just have to play it with stealthy from start to finish, use a lot of distraction and find out a way to isolate the target.
I like to use the double/triple distraction trick, where a first distraction will bait the bodyguard and the second one will bait the target instead.

There of course other faster ways to do it(not sure if with a pistol though) but this is the simplest way to do it if you are on a suit only run.

Well the woman at the top is easy to get to…go though the safe room up the ladder through the attic and sneak in her bathroom, distract and shoot…on master difficulty you can play peakaboo with the guard in her bathroom to have him come to you in the attic and knock him out without issues.

For the dude you can get from the hallway on the…left iirc, around the guard distract with a coin to get past him…you could also try cutting through the kitchen but it’s a lot trickier to pull off than distracting the security guard and sneaking past him. Then take down waiter leaning on the wall by the bathroom door and drag in the back bathroom and then distract with coin twice into bathroom when the dude and his bodyguard pass by…long wait as you have to get them on separate rotations but safe and easy to execute.

For Viktor, after he meets up with Valerie St Clair in the bar area, he goes to the garden starting location and talks to Dalia on his phone.

If you got rid of his bodyguard with the emetic’d sushi method that @RedwoodLynx mentioned, you can very easily subdue him from the corner and headshoot him. His body will not get found and can be easily be done on Suit Only.


I get Viktor by emetic poisoning his guard and killing him in the isolated area behind the bar, it’s very easy to do