Silverballer and Black Lilly

I realise there are a few comments about this but they’ve been in different threads. The Silverballer started HM2 with the precise aiming feature, then it went away with the update before last. I don’t think I’ve shot it since the update yesterday but believe the aiming hasn’t returned. The Black Lilly didn’t have the precise aim feature which I thought was “wrong” somehow.

I read somewhere that the precise aiming is going to return, is that right? Further to that, is this going to apply to the Black Lilly, too, when it does? The guns look the same and the one did get called “Blackballer” so it seems to me should have the same characteristics.

I didn’t play any Hitman games until the 2016 game, quickly became a favourite, but there is some kind of history/“thing” to the Silverballer (pops up in Lara Croft game, for example). Maybe that puts it in a special place as a weapon, where it needs to be unique?

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The Silverballer has been used since the first game when it was called the Hardballer (The guns real name, no longer used due to naming rights). The Silverballer held no special abilities however when they started giving weapons abilities they gave one to the Silverballer. But essentially The Blackballer and Silverballer are the same handgun albeit slightly different to the original models used.

Thanks. I still find little things all the time that don’t quite make sense; the Black Lilly automatically locks onto the rope with the hay bale in Colorado, or did a week ago, but doesn’t lock onto an icicle in Hokkaido (so I did shoot it after the update but didn’t notice the aiming option). Anyway, whatever. It’s a fun game, even with the bugs.

I hope you took my reply about the Trotsky ice pick the right way, I wasn’t picking holes with your post about it. Just that it made me think so I went looking on the internet and found an article about the axe - which I’d have described as a pick. Very interesting, I thought.

Please excuse rambling, it’s what I do, especially when tired and after a large whisky. I can recommend the Japanese Suntory single grain whisky “The Chita”. Super stuff. ttfn

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Nice recommendation but unfortunately I don’t drink.

Hello, I’m known around here as the Silverballer maniac. I made some topics, take a look at them. Some may help.

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That sounded so Troy Mcclure


Yes, according to the latest patch notes, they are aware of the precise aiming issue, and it will be returning in the future.

Anyone else remember going akimbo with magnum rounds, extended magazines, and long slide on Blood Money? Would literally launch npcs across the map. :joy::ok_hand::joy: