Silverballer replica MARK 2 and MARK 3. The closest to perfection

Dear viewer,

I’m very proud to present today my #Silverballer replica MARK 2.
The gun is incomplete as I’m moving forward to a new replica (Mark 3) which will be 100% true identical in every minimal detail.
I like to consider this one a combination of all the iconic Ballers combine into 1 pistol.
Unfortunately I couldn’t complete some essential parts such as the extended thumb safety, slide release and trigger.
But! I will show you and keep updating this topic with the projects of my next and final replica.

This pistol is an Airsoft CYBERGUN Colt Series 70’s. The original markings of the gun where removed recreating after its original finish.

Custom markings were made for the most part by hand from a very professional team.

The silencer is from the Blackballer used and seen in the promotional art of the game HITMAN 2016

A huge thanks and appreciation for who made the project of the silencer and many many thanks to who made my dream come true and realized it.


Alex Badea

Unfortunately like I mention above the replica is not only incomplete but also not exactly identical.

You might have notice that the pistol is divided in 2 colors. The slide silver and the rest (frame) grey.
It’s not really incorrect. A real Hardballer has the same 2 different tone of colors and the same idea was used on the Ballers from Hitman 2 and the Hardballer from Codename 47.

Speaking about Codename 47. The backstrap of the gun is black on purpose of course because I wanted it to have a part of the first iconic weapon from the first game.

There is a small difference with the size in the prime logo on the slide.
I was very curious in giving this replica a touch of real and in game. So I choose to make the logo “slimmer” than it was intended to be in the wallpapers and went for the same size as the one you can see on the Hardballer

I wanted at all cost to make this gun identical and found my self in a position that quite a lot of accessories are not available for the airsoft market. So what I did?
I contacted a 3D artist to make me 3D printer projects of the missing pieces resulting in a very big success.
Just the thumb safety and the slide release were printed in plastic as a test to see if the shape was identical and also the size.
Currently I’m working on the trigger and deciding for which model is best to go with.

Another particular left behind on this replica is the hammer. I couldn’t do anything about it besides paying to have a 3D project done and then print it.
But my next replica has already this particular and I’m very happy about it. The hammer used and incorporated in this gun is a classic one you find on real 1911.

My first identical part that I completed and gave me a big boost in my confidence to continue stands in the grips.
The medallions are custom made and the grips were bought online. They are called American Legend Pachmayr Grips.
A small detail I like to point out is that the screws are positioned the same as you see them in the Absolution Silverballer version.

One of my biggest desire was to replicate this thin rail on top of the gun.
It’s fantasy made, because nothing like this exists out there. The Hardballer has that rail, but is wider and has a different rear sight.
Compensating how ever I manage to discover that the rear sight used in the game is called LPA sight. I mounted it with out even trying to replicate that rail.
Result? It now looks just like the Baller from Hitman 2.
My ambition is to replicate it identical in my next project. So far I have an idea how it looks with out it.

Coming up next Silverballer Mark 3


Incredible! I’ve been watching your progress and this is just… wow! Good job man I just want to go out and pretend to be 47 with that thing. Certainly wouldn’t end well though :joy:


Nice job. I know you put alot of work into this. It really looks great!


It’s simply PERFECT.


Thank you, unfortunately it’s all than perfect.

I had the best intentions with this one till I found out about the Inokatsu Series 70’s and saw in it the perfect Silverballer.
But I did very good to try my ideas on this projects. For example: as I mention in my post, the logo needs to be bigger and maybe even the writings just by 1.
On the other side as well where you read STAINLESS MADE IN U.S.A. I think it will be better if also it’s a little bigger and positioned more on the left.


Thanks to this mistakes next time I will give it in hand to the people who made it, they will provide indeed a better proportion.
Same time I’m at a very good point with the 3D projects to make the missing parts. The one printed in plastic where so perfect and identical that I wanted to cry of joy.
Then let’s not forget my next ambition. Replicating the snake from the wallpaper :sunglasses:

Now a question for the fans. Do you think that the writings on the sides of the logo “CUSTOM SLIDE” and “AUTOMATIC” needs to be a little bigger?


No,they are basically in the same position. Maybe a few millimeters of,but it’s as close as you can get without having a REAL Silverballer at hand.
Fix the"Stainless Made In U.S.A." as you said and you are pretty much good to go. I mean it Badea you could do this for a living,if you sold the stuff you made. It’s Hollywood quality!


I really think CUSTOM SLIDE and AUTOMATIC needs to be just by 1 made bigger. Logo absolutely for sure.
On the other side the following writing MADE IN U.S.A. need also to be put more on the center and moved back as well the writing under EL MONTE CA.

Nah I doubt you can make a living out of this. I wanted to make it because I desire it since I first saw it in 2004.
Then just imagine giving away this gun for a movie that turns out to be just like Hitman 2015… :neutral_face:


Oh god that’d be crushingly disappointing


Think they need to be 1mm down along with the logo.

@HiddenValleyLover I just figured out the perfect illustration how to adjust the markings.

Writings seem to be the perfect size after all. But my obsession with details won’t let this tiny tiny particular pass.
When I say my next replica will be perfect in every minimal detail. I want it to be perfect in every little insignificant detail.



Very cool replica :+1::grinning:.

I wonder if you could make a mold out of the slide and get someone to casting it?

In my opinion and what i would go for is the 3rd trigger version, the whole arc is visible and so are the arc in the trigger from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin and Hitman Contracts.


We will see. So far I’m printing all 3 in plastic and then decide.


Finished to make an illustration on how the engravings needs to be on the other side.
Now it’s almost perfect. Starting from the logo, the following line El Monte Ca need to be put back a little but doing so also the writing STAINLESS - MADE IN USA needs to follow and that will be way too behind. I’m looking how it looks at the end of the slide and the only thing I can come up with is letting it like this and position the logo right at the center which looks better to me.
For the moment the size of the engravings will do just how they are.





@HiddenValleyLover Hey there. I need reconfirmation about what format were exactly the writings please.
Helvetica Light if I was not mistaken?

Also @Travis_IOI you didn’t find nothing about the exact format of the letters? Just to be sure before proceeding.

I should be ready in May to engrave the next replica


Nice. That looks good enough that I’d be curious to see how you would do on the real thing. I’m not a 1911 guy, but still. Nice work.


As far as I know yeah,Helvetica Light!


I found some files that might help. Most of the written text is applied as a graphic, so I can’t see the font for that. However, the A01538 that you see on the HMA baller is written in this font:


Thank you very much. I guess I will go with what @HiddenValleyLover suggested. It even looks wonderful.


That is amazing with so much attention to detail! Great job! :heart:

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This is nothing. Wait for the next one. More likely a test to see the things that can go wrong so I can make them good on the next.

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