Silverballer replica MARK 2 and MARK 3. The closest to perfection

Your attention to detail is simply astounding, but it will backfire when 47 assassinates you for making a silverballer that is exactly the same as/better than his.


I don’t recall 47’s Silverballer being airsoft gun

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Well, I have to make it with what I have.


And it looks like real one :wink:
No offense intended, just silly joke… Real handguns are very hard to get almost anywhere.


I have a big intention to make the WA2000 Muzzle replica from Blood Money.
Tomorrow I’m seeing my 3D artist for the first prototypes of the Silverballer’s sights and I am taking with me the muzzle my WA2000 came with for measurements.
It should not be something complicated but about when I am going to make it is still yet to see.

In the meanwhile I remodeled the thread insertion of the silencer because I can’t drill into the barrel of the airsoft pistol. I will make a quick prototype only for the insertion to see if it’s going to be a stable fit.


Today I want to share more than usual. I’m showing how the other part looks.


I got back the prototypes and so far I like almost everything. I have 2 versions of the thumb safety and slide release both with minor modifications of how the extensions are positioned. It’s really just a matter of millimeters and almost insignificant for anyone eye but for me that millimeter up or down makes a lot of difference.
I have yet to decide which one is more appealing and looks better.

Finally I got the right size of the trigger, I think. Only once printed in metal or titanium I can tell if I really like it. But now the way it sticks out is the same as a real Hardballer were it was my aim to replicate because it look better.

The medallions are not what I like. Too shinny and glossy.
They look good and are professionally made but I know it can be done better. Next ones will be perfect. I might have found someone to sell them to.

I got the sights ready but the rear one is still in the works. That one will be done much later.
My prime priority is:
to remake the finish of the pistol (simple)
remake the writing EL MONTE, CA. to a proper proportional size
print the trigger, thumb safety and slide release and proceed to accomplish the right color of the surface
and last remake the medallions.



Also a comparison Mark 3 and Mark 2


I’ll take the medallions, but only if you explain to me how to replace the pachmahr medallions on my grip??

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It looks good mate, but I would say that the “rail” on the top the Silverballer is too tall and that it breaks the flow of the design that it’s broken up, the rail doesn’t follow through ejection port. It might look especially odd due to the rail being as tall as it is.


Not really. Printing in plastic is quite inaccurate an makes it look buffer than usual, so my hopes are that made in titanium or metal it gives that better look plus let’s not forget that I have to create a certain finish so that also slims it down by something. But you might be right.
So far holding it in hand looks good and not that extremely big as it might give the impression in picture.
If you compare it with the wallpapers there isn’t that much of a difference and you can notice the Silverballer’s rail is also that bit tall if not taller.

This is something I have to live with. But somehow I like it for the reason that it makes sense being separated that way and it adds something as my own design not modifying too much of what it really looks in the game.
The ejection port on the Silverballer is on the side. A thing that only small caliber pistols has in real life I notice.
Meanwhile my replica has it as every Colt has, cutting right in the middle of the slide.
There is a 1911 version out there called COLT 1911 LLAMA and I took my inspiration from there.
I hated the idea at first but looking at it how it really looks alive, I started to love it.



Taller iron sight.
It is good example that the original silverballer design is more superior to the current design and attention to detail.

The iron sight of the ica19 series is of standard height, so it is really not good to aim with the suppressor.
You just cant see shits with it

Wtf is ‘ICA’ silverballer in the firstplace.


The ICA Silverballer doesn’t even have it. That bar was something invented to differ from a real weapon probably cause of trademark.


Alex, I think it looks sexy af!! :heart_eyes: I can honestly say to you that I have never seen a better replica of it ANYWHERE! And it’s still in the works. When it’s all said and done, the amount of time, effort and money you spent will all be worth it. Definitely one of a kind :+1:


Thank you so much!
I ordered already the thumb safety and slide release to be made in titanium while I am also ordering a print of the trigger, medallions and the front sight in steel to see which material is for the best.
I should have them by mid September. Problem remains if the folks working on the finish can achieve the color I want or something that I might like.
Biggest concern now is to re do the finish on the whole gun and make again the engravings on the right side.


How much money, so far, would you guess you’ve spent on this? It can’t possibly be cheap.


Currently I am above 6.000€ but this a total of all the 4 replicas I attempted starting from 2015.
This one only if I had to make it again it would cost:
1.000 € for the airsoft pistol only.

600 € or more to print all the accessories in titanium (thumb safety, slide release, trigger, front sight with rail, rear sight plus rail and grip medallions. The most expensive are the thumb safety and slide release because have complicated shapes.

450 € or maybe more for buying compatible pieces such as 1911 Serrated Housing, 1911 Recoil Spring Plug, 1911 Slide Bushing, CO2 Magazine Clip and grips

1.000 € almost for scratching away the existing engravings on the pistol, re create the finish, make the Silverballer’s engravings, engrave the logo on the medallions with insertion of black ceramic plus refinishing the titanium printed parts.
TOTAL: 3.050 € approximately

If we count how many hours, work and prototypes was putted and is still in the works only for 3D files to print then we are going above 1.000 € only for printing files.


Oh damn bro, titanium can be hella expensive. Hopefully the steel in the other parts is more to your liking. If not, titanium in all four… :grimacing: :moneybag: :moneybag:
Lol don’t get me wrong, it will definitely be worth it I’m sure, but wow. Plus with it custom made. You sure you not really a contract killer dude? Haha


€1000 for the airpsoft pistol?? Wow wa wee woo!!! The real thing brand new (if AMT were still around) would probably only be €900-€1200. Colt, Springfield Armory, Kimber and a few others all make a premium 1911 that has similar features (such as the adjustable sights) that go for around that price.

Masterpiece crafted. There are airsoft pistols out there that cost even 3.000€.
I bought this one at 600€ last year but now that it became rare if you manage to find it that’s the price.
This replica is well known to be the most accurate replica out there of the 1911.

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Are you getting the Codename 47 vibes?

The new grips arrived and also the Thumb Safety and Slide Release made in Titanium.
These are the second pair I made because the first ones were done in a wrong finish that I don’t like.
So far so good I actually like the dark color of these pieces as it resembles a lot how a real Hardballer looks like and even every Colt that I saw so far in pictures. I will give careful instructions to try and keep something close to this color when bringing them to the workshop.
I’m taking in serious consideration to make the trigger in titanium as well. I think combine with the same color of the pieces I talked above will result in a wonderful balance.


The new grips instead are very beautiful. With them mounted my replica looks exactly like the Hardballer from Codename 47.
I attached on them the current medallions I have to see what it would look like and as you can see it’s something. But those medallions are too big for this grips so in time a smaller version will be made for sure.