Silverballer replica MARK 2. The closest to perfection


Well f**k me.
I made the order for the Slide Release, Thumb Safety and the Trigger in Stainless Steel.

This time I choose a different company from France. I’m not so happy with the last prototype. But then again I paid 13€ for it so I guess I got what I paid.
I should have it by 5 September. What a good way to celebrate 47’s birthday.

Mmmm yes, where you see the trigger the file name is Light Switch. In my imagination I though that maybe they won’t tell what exactly that is because almost every 3D printing company would not print anything related to guns toys or real.
So, since it kinda looks like a light switch and I made the delivery address to the Hotel I work, I can only hope they will think this is a prototype for the Hotel industry.
I also contact them to tell that my projects are mechanical industrial parts when asking for more info about the materials.


Major Update

Thumb Safety and Slide Release has been printed in Titanium. This was done by a Belgian company.
I’m very happy about the shape and the smooth finish but it’s way too dark than I expected. But seems that the people in charge of my pistol’s finish should be able to replicate that silver look I want resulting in the same tone color with the gun.

This is my model vs the original model the 1911 came with

Moving next. From my French neighbors I present to you the Trigger.
From last prototype the hole in the middle has been enlarged resulting in a far more better shape but has a small imperfection at the bottom. Something I can live with but I need to see how it looks mounted.
As you can see, the bottom is very thin exactly where the middle hole of the trigger ends.

This was printed in Stainless Steel instead and I prefer this color and material which seems to be easier to finish.

A last idea I had is to create again the Medallions on the grip.
After the artwork they did on the previous SIlverballer I know they are the right person to make it.
The first set of medallions are good yes, but not perfect. Looking close at it you can see all the imperfections, not to mention it’s small once you mount it on the grip leaving empty spaces.

So I made the Medallions in Detail Stainless Steel but blank with out the logo. The symbol will be craved in there and it will look a lot more professional than the first model.



I’m not happy with the trigger. Material and color is there but that tight space at the bottom bugs me.
Plus there is another problem when inserting the bar that hold the trigger inside.

In the meanwhile the Belgian company did a great job and everything is printed respecting all the microscopic sizes.
So I contacted them asking if I print the trigger in the same material the medallions were done (Detail Stainless Steel), will the trigger have all those lines and will disappear once sanded or it can come out like the trigger the French printed for me.

At the same time I know shouldn’t and wait for their call but I contacted the engraving Villa asking for an appointment to bring these printed pieces because I need to know if the Titanium can be worked to make that Silver finish tone I want because I might print all the remaining pieces with that material.
Plus I want to propose to them the new idea of the logo in the medallion and see if my prints fits their machinery.
I’m not an expert on metal so these things with materials worries me a lot.

UPDATE: I have permission to go visit them Tuesday. Can’t wait.


Very good, you should send this to David Bateson when his birthday time.


Man you have no idea what I’m spending to do it. This will remain mine and mine only. I will even write in my testament as a last wish to be buried with it Blood Money style.
Not to mention this gun I’m working on can be found in only some places now and they have a very very limited stock.
Not even, apparently the last one was bought on this website
If you find one used buy it because they will gain much more value than it has now.


It must very expensive, right?


Almost 2.000 € to make this one excluding the 3D designs because I already have those. Adding the 3D projects you can add another 700€ on that.
So far since 2015 I had spend a total of 5.000 €. But this during a timpe laps of 3 years. And half of that money were mistakes that lead me to perfection.
In those mistakes there are included 2 ARMY R29 Colts, 1 WE Colt 1911, 2 CYBERGUN Colt 1911 and last the INOKATSU Colt 1911 which costed more than these pistols combine.

Last pieces left to do are the sights with the rail, the magazine base and remaking the silencer.


Wow, IOI must send you all of the future Hitman games for free. I guess you’re biggest 47 fan


I am when it comes to the details of the Silverballer and 47 character :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope to gain a bit their attention when it’s going to be finish. So far I’m sure I’m the only one who’s making it this perfect and identical.


Very impressive work and attention of details :open_mouth:

Looking forward to the final result :+1:



And when I think I really know every detail about the Silverballer.

As you can imagine, but maybe not, when I have nothing to do I just stare at the Silverballer. Like a man stares at a pole dance, lost in my thoughts and fantasies.

I notice that the front ends of the rear sight are different, one being round shaped in front and the inner one is front shaped on top. I already made illustrations for my 3D artist to follow so it can be replicated identical and I came up with the best idea to insert the pieces one in another because this sight will be done in 2 separate parts.

Here is a picture I did in paint illustrating the modification that is going to have. This sight will follow the same size of an existing one but with some modifications.


Another part that is going to be in my Silverballer are these 2 dots under the front sight.
It will be printed with 2 holes on that position, but inside I will insert a nail in each hole, measure it, cut it the right size and then do something to make the ends round.


I’m back from the Villa and I have some great news.

Everything I want can be done. I was very preoccupied about the titanium parts and the finish but they told me they can do everything. And that made me very happy.

They can do the medallions with the logo and as I thought and was guarantee by them, they will look very professional. Not to mention that the black part on the sides of the logo will be made in ceramic and not with a simple paint.

Trigger needs to be re printed because mounting it is too small.

Engravings will be done by the end of October but I will reveal everything once the gun is completed. And will take a couple more months.
In the meanwhile here are some photo with the progress. Slide has been cleaned by any existing markings and now they will do the frame.
Don’t worry about the size of the printed markings, they were there for size test and adjustments. Once done they will look exactly like on the Mark 2.

A strange thing, I let there the Mark 2 so they can replicate the same size of the engravings they did before. I needed to see it to test if the medallions had the right size but he didn’t had it there.
The sir in charge of my replica told me he left it to a friend to see it. Didn’t ask why but I guess and hope because it looks beautiful.

I snapped a quick pick while I was waiting.


Jeez! I can build one in LIVE IRON for less than that! You, sir, are truly committed… or maybe should be committed… or a bit of both. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

One thing worth noting where the game gets it all wrong: You can’t stick a can on just any 1911, they require a 1/2"-longer barrel sticking out of the front of the slide for the suppressor to screw onto.

While I don’t play with suppressors or other such Restricted items, my next custom .45 I build is going to have the longer threaded barrel just for the better ballistics.


Definitely both :stuck_out_tongue:
But that’s why he’s the GOAT.


For comparison, this is the barrel of a standard 5"/Government-length 1911, including almost all of 47’s:

This is the longer threaded barrel you need to mount a can:

Note that both of these barrels are shown with bushings, and additionally the threaded is shown with a thread-protector collar screwed on.


what was the base gun you used?


This is like being a firearms enthusiast, but for a singular weapon haha. I’m not sure if it was mentioned but if is a live firearm? .45 calibre?

And have you found that in your research of this weapon, you’ve learnt more about the way guns work?


It is a softair.


I made an order to print again the Trigger adding this time a new modification.
It’s going to be printed in Stainless Steel from the Belgian company and now we wait.
And look at the price :joy: ain’t this a good sign or what?

@Agent6 This is an airsoft Colt if that is your question. The model is called CYBERGUN Colt Series 70 (the one you see at the beginning of the topic)
Instead the new and final model I’m working on is an INOKATSU Colt Series 70’s

@Brownell like @Urben said this is an airsoft.
What I learned from my projects is the composition of the accessories of the firearms. I am absolutely no expert on weapons but what I learned so far is by looking at the pieces that the pistol is composed and searching for their name and function on the internet.

You described my situation perfectly. I am IN LOVE with the Silverballer.


That’s really cool. Are you going to be firing it, or keeping it as a display piece?