Silverballer replica MARK 2. The closest to perfection


Both actually. I did got them airsoft because I want to use them. Shooting at cans or bottles for the most.


Ah so you’re training your accuracy as much as your artistic eye. I imagine chambering a .45 round would a bit different to airsoft haha. 47 wielding two .45 handguns at close range tells you all you need to know about his efficacy.


My artist has finished today to make a 3D set images of the modified silencer.
I should be able to start it’s realization to reality next week if at the airsoft shop they done drilling a hole in the barrel so I can attached the silencer.

This time it’s going to be a one piece suppressor and that goes for the screw you see inside it.
I will leave it blank for the moment and decide later if to engrave it or not.

What’s different from the last model is that it now has a silver ring in the front as you can see it on the Blackballer (it should actually a cap)

It’s now shorter.

The ring in the middle needs to be slimmed down.

And last a little detail on the middle ring with colors that bothers me.



Damn the renders look sweet. For a sec I thought this is Fallout 4, looking at guns looks almost the same.


This is one talented artist and so far he is the only one who replicated the Silverballer in 3D with all the details. Every one of them.
He has other work and like us he is a huge Hitman fan.


I am amazed to say the least. Do you have a job, or is this it? Making Silverballer replica’s? Well, you do a great job!


I believe he’s working in a hotel.


Hello, I have a job. Since 9 years I’ve been working as a Hotel Night Porter.
This here is just a passion that started in 2015 with the announcement of season 1 and when I saw the Blackballer it seemed back then easy to replicate but then my ambitions grew bigger and bigger and I want to be the very first and maybe even the only who recreated the Silverballer so identical.

What you see here, what I made so far was only thanks to the help of others. I provided samples, examples and indications made poorly in paint and those people provided an excellent replica out of them.
So basically I observed the Silverballer, looked up on google for the pieces and then contacted people to replicate them according on my airsoft weapons size. And this took me a lot to get it right.

I sincerely can say that my greatest luck so far was finding the right people.
I will never sell this replica and even the one before this one. But will keep it for show and a remainder of my ambition to perfection.
And then of course to shoot at some bottles or cans in the middle of nowhere.
Also even cosplay. I want to do that one day.

What gives me a lot of joy are the people outside this forum that they sing up here just to message me on indication how to make one. Or to compliment me about my projects. They are not many, but a few and I will spend hours talking with them about the Silverballer and what I done wrong and how I discovered things to do right and suggest them the best to do for theirs.


Today I got back the rubber part of the grips. This is one of those errors I talked a lot about that after I understand things better.
At the airsoft shop, the guy did exactly what I told him to do, but my mistake I didn’t left him the wooden part.
As you can see at the upper part of the rubber it would not cover the depth in the wooden grip. It needs to have that specific form to fill it all.
Good thing the part I gave him was a spare one from the old grips my Blackballer had.

I will re do them with better indication. Besides that I am now sure of this shop’s capabilities. It doesn’t even look like it was cut.


Something to tease.

Almost done. They told me that they are at the final step to paint it. But also we need to decide the length of the screw that it’s coming out of the silencer.


I assume the barrel’s threaded for this too?

Are you going to be making a blackballer as well? (sorry if you’ve already answered this)

EDIT: Just realised you have!


Hi there. Yes, I have the barrel at a shop to make a drill for the silencer.

I tried to make the Blackballer but it’s not identical and I gave it away to the people that are engraving the Silverballer to use it in self defense classes.
I would like to re do it one day again. This time it will be a lot more realistic. But for now I’m with my Silverballer which reminds me that in 2 weeks I will update this thread with something new.


I can think of no better reason to donate a gun than to teach self-defence. What will you do when the Mark 3 is finished?

I noticed you have Walther 2000, is that an original?


I didn’t put much effort on the Blackballer, and compared with the other replicas I attempted was really cheap. I just paid 80€ the gun, 30€ for a banal laser engraving, and 70€ for the grips. That was it.
The people that are engraving the Silverballer are in contact with some self defense classes and asked me where to buy a toy model gun. So to show my appreciations for their work I donated my Blackballer and the Silverballer Mark 1 without the grips.

With the Mark 3 I want to be buried with it when I die :joy: I will keep it as a display, for shooting at cans when going outside and cosplay if I will do that one day.

Yes, I have an airsoft Ares WA2000 that I bought in 2012. I also have that at the airsoft shop to make it a little more powerful. It doesn’t require no other modification as it is perfect.


80 euro for a decent gun isn’t too bad, as long as it fires haha.

Be sure to put your burial wishes in your will. Will you try to replicate a different weapon after that?

I wondered if it was a replica WA2000, because they’re pretty rare - that would be some real dedication! I can’t remember if you said but are the ballers all airsoft as well? I’ve not fired airsoft before, especially not an airsoft sniper, what’s it like?


Don’t forget to work on another Mark 3 and the BM coffin as well :wink:


This WA2000 it is. Or so some folks on an airsoft group on facebook told me.
I bought it at 700€ in 2012, now (some people say) it’s worth 6.000$ if you find the person that really wants it.
There is another WA2000 airsot from the 90’s, incredibly rare. And also the real gun if you manage to find one on sale it could cost around 100.000$ if not more.

Everything in this thread is airsoft. I like guns replica.
This last replica I’m working on is also rare and I’m really happy I rushed to buy one. It’s a INOKATSU Colt Series 70’s. All made in stainless steel and the best 1911 replica ever made. I bought this one at 600€ last year.
This adds my Silverballer replica to be even more special than it is.

@Urben joking aside. I imagine my coffin and my tombstone to have the logo on it :grin:


Ah I meant the airsoft replica of the firearm WA2000. Yes, the firearm ones are known for being one of the rarest weapons out there, but they’re not as good as the modern Accuracy and H&K rifles in terms of accuracy, and they had a tendency to break. I mean literally snap.

I suppose you’re very lucky doing the 1911, because so many companies make variants of those.


When that happens in 100 years people will photograph your grave and tag it with “Waiting for the real Blackballer be like”


You just gave me an idea of a photo to make in a cemetery :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:
Of course it implies me dressed as 47. I just need to find some one crazy enough as me to ask Hey, could you make a photo of me dress nice in a cemetery without being judged