Silverballer replica MARK 2. The closest to perfection



Lmao I should finally create a Twitter account. :grin:


I initially went with @nebru but it’s already taken so went with that lol.


You should :wink:




Cool render but No straight main spring housing no perpection


That’s my friend who did all projects of the briefcase I’m working on and the silencer.
If you look up at some comments here I published his facebook page.

He’s a real artist


I missed that post somehow, thanks.


Giving the ICA19 or the Black Lily a wooden grip would be beautiful.


Like this?


Yes, exactly like that. That’s such a beautiful gun…


It’s time for you to order a pink sticker for the typical MARK 2 look


This honestly looks simply amazing! Great job!


Someone’s done their homework. Very nice piece of work.



The gun is still at the villa for engravings and some metal refinishing. But I will contact them soon to ask at what point are they, since I was told that maybe by end October it was ready.

In the meanwhile I have 3 things to show today. The Silencer, The grips and the trigger.

The most interesting part today is The Suppressor. Best looking so far but it requires a new modification to the ring on top.
That ring is too big for what I had planned. So the guys doing it for me will now sand again the silencer, slim down to at least a half that ring and then repaint it again.

The Grips have now a perfect fit. I took the original non spare part again to the shop and now with better indication they made it how it should be.
This is a very small difference from the original that I think no one has notice yet. This modification stands in the black rubber that wraps the grips.

Silverballer Model

New grips with modification

My old model and uncut grips

Last update is the Trigger.
I need to remake it but with out the hole at the bottom trigger. I was warn by the people printing it that it could break during production exactly for that small hole there. I wanted to accept the risk any way.
Final result, it’s like the tower of Pisa now. So I made a new order just today because of a discount on Black Friday, but this time without that hole.

That hole will be replicated how ever. Now that I have this one printed it’s going to be used as a guide for the position of the hole where after drilling, a screw will be inserted to replicate at best how the Silverballer should look.



I just keep looking at your Blackballer and cannot fathom why IO went with such a boring black.


Fun fact! The pistol you see on the loading screen of Hitman 2 is actually the same pistol model like my replica of the Balckballer. In fact it has the same identical markings even the logo of the Silverballer. And as you can see it has the same grip lines on the slide as my version.
I have no idea how the grips are how ever.
But you only notice them if you play a little with the brightness in photoshop.





It’s beautiful :grin:


That’s so annoying that they knowingly include the original Blackballer, but give us something completely different in game. I doubt it would be that hard to model, in comparison to the ICA19


Its great to see your still going on with this project. Hands down the best replica’s of the Silverballer ever. Kudos.