Silverballer replica MARK 2. The closest to perfection

I got an email back from the engraving villa.

There might be some problems with the results of the thumb safety and slide release. They “cleaned” it from it’s dark grey color and remade the finish. But it’s a nickel finish which I don’t like.
They also told me that now they are doing to this finish a sand blasting (I think) to replicate the same metal effect that you find on the slide and on the frame.

I’m not really convince about the final result. But I can still print more and get it right next time. When I’m going to go there I will decide.
Meanwhile I need to speak clearly on the phone because some things seems to be left behind.

In January I shall pay them a visit to let them the medallions and take a closer look at how is going to far. By these picture they send me it’s not really that clear to judge.

Looking at it more and more I’m really not happy. I see at the begging of the extension they slimmed it down for what I believe they tough is a nice effect. But I really like it the way the Silverballer has it. For now this piece will be used as an experiment to test various finishes and with the next one it will be perfect.


Projects of the rear sight is in the works. I manage to explain everything to my 3D artist almost only using red dots in paint and as always he understands me.

I received back this with what he thinks he understood from my indications. Now a little adding here and a little removing there and it’s perfect.
This one here is just an image illustration to give the other 3D printing artist to replicate. A sort of blueprint.


Project of the rear sight is complete. It will be divided in 2 pieces.
I choose to make it this way to avoid making a mess with glue or imperfection trying to make it stay fit in the slide.
By making the sight like this, both parts will be hold by the bar that will cross the slide, pressing on them.


Today I went to the Engraving Villa to take a look how things are proceeding with my replica and there I decided to gift them my Mark 2.

I met a new man there who’s in charge of the metal finish of every piece I’m making, including the gun.
As I expected the thumb and slide release were made in a way I didn’t like (nickel finish), but as they told me, they wanted to experiment with titanium and see what they can achieve. I told them this is absolutely no problem at all since I can produce as many pieces as I want. For now I know better their capability and it’s very satisfying.

As for the gun, the metal finish is just right and they will proceed with the engravings making them deeper than it was on Mark 2 and adding inside black paint.
I also gave them the blank medallions to work. They showed me some samples of what they can do and all I can say is that I’m hyped to see the final result. The logo will be craved and all the empty spots will be filled with ceramic resulting in something very unique and professional.

As for the decision to give them the Mark 2 Silverballer, it was something I had in mind for some time to do so I could reduce the price of the final cost.
They seem to enjoy very much my attention to details and the looks of this gun even if it’s a toy model.
Mr. Vincenzo, the man in charge of my replica, was very pleased and happy with my decision.

But things have to be put on hold once again. They are very busy over there and of course I can understand them.
The engravings might be ready if not in mid February, in April. Even after that, there is still work to do and works on the rear sight. A thing I can not do now because I need the slide to decide the right size of it.
So I guess this will be ready by summer if the printing goes right at the first try and the finish on everything else.


Wowza. So much detail!

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My man, you really should run an online store and sell these cool babes.


Amazing job. Very impressive.

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Long time no see. Here is an update.
Silencer has finally arrived to me and I love it. Here is a comparison with the first model they made.


And as they do with all their delivers, they will always add some nice gifts they personally make.



Looks amazing, keep up the good work :smile:

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I don’t think that’s a silver ring on the tip of the silencer. It’s just the light on the edge. It’s actually all black on the tip. Maybe someone from IOI can verify from their 3D models? @Travis_IOI

Nope. It’s a silver ring


Looking good @badeaguard beautiful!

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Ahh. I see with these images you’re right. It’s sort of a chamfered edge.


Can you tell how deep are those incisions?

This was done just as a test to see if I like the results on one of my many failed guns.The deepness is perfect but there is still the need to perfect the size of the main logo on the slide. Must be bigger.
I should have the final result to show at the end of May, I hope. Among the engravings there will also be the medallions.

See you in a month.



would you be able to share who made the medalions for you?
If you did it yourself would you be able to put a price tag on it? :blush: Thats one of the missing pieces I need and struggle to find who would be able to replicate that part :slight_smile: And also are ur medalions from plastic or metal?

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That was tremendous!!! Most incredibly awesome!!!You can’t imagine how jealous i am right now cuz it’s illegal to possess a gun.


Hello, a specialized engraving company is making them for me now. Will share the results in 2 weeks if they’re ready. These one will be amazing and very unique.
The first one I made really looks bad. They were made by a 3D company and when you put it inside the grips you are left with some empty spaces.
I don’t have anymore the 3D projects of them because I lost them among other files. But I can suggest you to contact some online, give them specifications of the size and then search for another online company to print them for you.

The new medallions I made are like this. All blank. The logo is going to be graved in there, polished to make it shinny and then insert black ceramic in the empty spaces.

@LeoRyan it’s an airsoft pistol. A toy. You can buy one, it’s called Cybergun Colt Series 70

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Unfortunately,also illegal. :cry:

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I see you live in China, correct? How come? They are all made in Asia

Most of the parts may just forged here.Yet it’s not likely to put them together here as well

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