Simple but Needed changes before Season 2


I’m pretty sure we can all agree that HITMAN is shaping up to be an amazing game and the Game of the Year update proves that IO is capable of delivering a fresh and breathtaking experience into the world of assassination. Interesting targets, cool opportunities, beautiful graphics, and useful unlocks and outfits etc.

But I’m here to discuss issues that plague HITMAN even after the GOTY Edition update, not any new features or suggestions.

Below I’ve made a list of gameplay mechanics that I and other forum members believe to be either broken or changes that are practical or fun (within reason)


-360 degree viewcones for vomiting NPC’s
-Overuse of Trashcan Vomiting
-NPC’s shot from behind are instantly aware of 47 (Crime Noticed)
-NPC’s notice crimes and see bodies through walls (most prevalent in Japan )
-Guards know exactly where Silent Sniper shots are from
(This one’s important IO. Somebody 47 kills should NOT could towards the no spotted bonus. Changing the no spotted bonus to no witnesses would make much more sense. Maybe even put a little counter in the corner that patient zero added for how many witnesses there are in the map. Eliminating them returns the no spotted bonus (no witnesses). Perhaps keep the spotted penalty for Professional mode.

I will continue to add more to list.


As I play the Marrakesh Escalation for the Seiger 300 Ghost im pretty frustrated. Almost threw my PS4 controller (not really). One of the “complications” starting in level 2 of this escalation is do not get spotted doing something illegal…
That sounds pretty simple at first. I loaded up the mission and decided sneak up on the guard throwing up in the corner and shoot him. Before I even pulled the trigger the mission failed screen popped up saying I was spotted.
Okay I thought to myself, maybe that was a bug. Again and again this happened. One time i actually shot him and I still failed. I should not get a SPOTTED notification for shooting somebody in the back. Its so unrealistic and frustrating seeing a guard just vomiting twist around 180 degrees after having his spine severed by a 45 ACP bullet. Not just to this NPC either. This happens in every single level.
Also a lot of the times when you sneak up on an NPC for a garrote or subdue , if your not completely square with there shoulders instead of a silent attack a weird and hilarious animation will play where the npc is now magically facing 47 as he punches them in the face.

Hitman isnt necessarily a stealth only game but that’s how I like to approach it. It makes it impossible for me to enjoy a stealth game I constantly have to save because I know the mechanics will glitch on me.

The reason I made a new thread is because not only is this a major issue that deserves it’s own topic but also I didn’t want this getting drowned out by constant “suggestions” for new voice actors, dual ballers, and briefcase . This isn’t a thread to saying what I dislike about the game but more so a game mechanic that needs to be improved or fixed

Missing mechanics
Sniper case, how can it be missing?
IO, please allow us to disable auto-pausing when alt-tabbed from the game

Yeah, Kotti got a great example here:

And listen to the guard going “It’s ridiculous, someone else deal with this shit” hahaha which was basically Kotti’s thoughts exactly.


Yeah the head turn and view cones are ridiculous as well. I hadn’t noticed it was this bad until I played patient zero. And went back to some other levels. It’s like Absolution levels of frustration at this point. I feel like I have no control over the situations even though I know EXACTLY what I need to do to achieve them.

Season 2 and what i would like to see change

The vomiting as a whole in this game is seriously broken. Not just because vomiting NPCs have ~360-degree viewcones, but also because NPCs choose trashcans over toilets.


Yeah I really wonder who in hell thought that trashcans would have been a nice idea. It’s not as if I have a constant control of all of the locations of bins and toilets in all of the map and can somehow plan and choose where they go! Why have them puking in the bin in the first place?It makes little sense. A feature I wish they could just kill off. Not remove. Kill off. It fucked up so many of my runs I just wanna see it die.


Honestly this game is pretty damn beautiful. The graphics, the story. Even the music is good. Not Jesper Kyd good but honestly if you tried to play the game with jesper Kyds tracks it doesn’t mesh properly. The audio effects in this game would clash with kyds score style. But besides that this game would be beautiful if not plagued by Inconsistent gameplay features. The game isn’t mechanically different from the other Hitman games by that much. IO has the tools to create the best Hitman levels to date especially with the episodic formula but so far (season one) and (patient zero) has fell flat in regards to that and lack of polish. The Striker pistol really reminded me of classic hitman gun physics. Point , shoot, and the bodies go flying. So that’s a positive I got out of this update. At least the striker elevation was fun.


be great if they cut down the wallhax on Japan(or any map really)…subdued a guy in the garage, nobody else saw or heard until HUNTED then COMBAT appeared and turned on instinct to see a guy upstairs somehow saw and start running my way…one of the main reasons im going to try to stray away from making contracts on it.


I remember how people complaint about the Street Performer entering Carusos‘mansion to puke into the toilet. IOI fixed it, by adding a trashcan for him to puke in.

Then came the “puke syringe” and suddenly you could make every NPC puke. Giving 100-200 NPCs a fixed “puke location” probably would’ve been a lot of effort. They probably also wanted to avoid people walking across half the map to the next toilet or entering an area they aren’t supposed to be in. So the obvious solution was to make them puke into trash cans. After all they already existed as objects in the game.


I agree with you but some trash cans need to be removed because when an NPC throws up in the trash instead of the toilets that are 30cm away in the same room it’s quite frustrating


Which brings us to another very needed change. NPCs not being able to enter trespassing areas where they shouldn’t be. I can understand that at the time the cans were a needed solution,they probably still are but the times I went on a spree after the rage the puking into a bin gave me…they are so maaany man.


I’ve just started in Hokkaido as Ninja with Sieger 300 Ghost (which got subsonic ammo makes this weapon really quiet when shooting). Wanna do a Sharpshooter challenge in Hokkaido - killing with sniper Yuki when she is in garden. After when i take a shoot into head - almost 20 guards run strict to my possition - on top of that mountain when i’ve started.

IO Interactive, @Travis_IOI - seriously?

I don’t even mention a bug when you try use Emetic Syringe on target - after use better stay calm for few sec untill victim don’t move. Otherwise bug will engage and NPC just turn behind. It’s bug didn’t fixed from begining.

And of course 270 degrees view cones… or NPCs with wallhack in eyes who might spot you behind wall in some rare situations.


All of this is something that should seriously be addressed by IO because no matter how impressive and sprawling the levels are or interesting a target is… These core issues will plague the game. It already leaves a bad taste in my mouth that after all these patches and “improvements” to the game recently they still haven’t fixed very important problems that effect every user , New comers and those who’ve played since Codename 47 like me.


Yeah I after the GOTY update I’ve noticed that the almost all of the guards run to your exact position after sniping. I’m not sure if it was like this before. I really hope they fix this. Reminds me of Far Cry 3, where the exact same thing would happen.


Sure, but they need to make the pathfinding consistent. Even now if you want to poison Novikov’s bodyguard by poisoning the food its a complete coin toss on him going to the toilet or the trash can. This despite him getting poisoned in the exact location.

Not to mention the idiot NPcs that go all the way to the toilets but choose to puke on the trash cans next to the toilets.


Even doing the himmapan horror challenge now… is a complete horror. Getting spotted by your victim shouldn’t count. I still don’t understand why they haven’t fixed this issue. If they can’t fix the issue of inconsistency in the game mechanics and how people have eyes on the back of their head… then at least make it so it doesn’t penalize us for our victim seeing us a split second before being killed. Not KO. KILLED.


Just a little wish:

The order of the Pause Menu should be intuitionally in that order (in my opinion):

1 ) Save
2 ) Restart Mission
3 ) Load
4 ) Replan Mission
5 ) Exit to Menu


For me, the one thing has to be the voice acting. Look at the number of voice actors in a game like GTAV. OK, I know they have a huge budget but still.

The fact that there are only like, 5 people who do voices in the game, and the fact that even some of the main targets have the same voice. Like, the fact that Viktor Novikov / Marco Abiatti are the same voice, and Brother Akram / Klaus Leibleid / Walter Menard are all the same voice… that’s really immersion-breaking for me.

You can’t really lose yourself in the game when the voice acting is like a bad puppet show.

Seriously. Do a volunteer casting in LA and give everyone who comes along a free Hitman T-shirt and download code, and you’ll get 200+ voice actors for free.


Yeah but I’m mainly talking things that break the game. Voice acting might make it less immersive but what I mentioned above is game breaking.


Agreed. I think they could fix this by changing ‘Never Spotted’ to ‘No Witnesses’. If someone sees you do anything illegal, they become a witness and don’t stop being one unless they die. So, if a target witnesses you then dies, no problem, still silent assassin. If a non target witnesses you and you kill them, ‘witnesses’ goes back to 0 but Non Target Penalty goes to 1. So no silent assassin.

They could still retain Never Spotted for Pro mode, Contracts mode or some kind of purist mode.


Exactly. It’s what makes me take a break when I don’t want to because the (in the long run very monotone) voices just makes me tired of the game really. Might sound weird but it’s true for me.

I’m not sure if it’s this guy (I think it is) but there was one guy in Absolution who’s in Hitman 2016 as well and I don’t mean it personally or to offend but I’m so fed up with his voice.

Hitman: Absolution (Video Game)
Mansion Guards / Agency Soldiers (voice, as Jeffery Johnson)

Hitman (Video Game)
Viktor’s Bodyguard (Kurt Donovan) / CICADA Guards / Marrakesh Soldiers / … (voice)