Simple but Needed changes before Season 2


Well, those bugs you talk about aren’t game-breaking to me - and maybe to most top players - because you learn to and plan to work around them. Like, most pro players get to a point where they won’t attempt to do pacifications on stairs or on uneven ground because they know there’s a high risk of it turning into a noisy karate chop instead.

And you learn that even if a door has just shut, to wait a few seconds before doing a pacification because there’s a high chance NPCs can magically see through the door for a few seconds after it shuts. (I’m looking at you, entrance to sauna area in Hokkaido.)

Ditto on sniper shots. You learn to factor in being far enough away and allowing yourself time to get out of your sniper nest and take a route that avoids where the guards are coming from.

But for me, hearing the same voice over and over, that is game-breaking because, as @_Id says, it makes you want to just not play the game.


Yeah I don’t understand your logic but I guess I don’t really have to. How is it that the voice acting ( I admit it’s repetitive) makes you want to stop playing, but gameplay mechanics that are acting in an unintended manner (which makes it broken) doesn’t phase you. I guess you can learn to live with these frustrations and pretend it makes you a better Hitman player because u can work around these broken mechanics but frankly they are annoying and don’t make any sense.


I’m not sure that all of the things that you identify as broken are necessarily broken. Guards knowing exactly where a sniper shot has come from, for example, seems to me very clearly a design decision. Otherwise sniping would be far, far too easy. Especially now we have 4x zoom and time slowing.

Likewise, viewcones and Victims still count towards spotted. Viewcones are controversial, but they add an element of RNG to the game that it seems clear to me that the developers planned for. If head position and thus view cone could be memorized, you could plan an exact run down to the second with no risk of failure because every single event in the level could be memorized. I could watch someone do a run and replicate it exactly, with no need to take head turning into account. I could program an AI to execute an exact series of turns and shots and button presses, just like people memorize patterns for the original pac-man.

As for victims counting as spotted, that’s not broken. Again, in this iteration of the Hitman universe, the developers have decided - unlike in Blood Money - that a silent assassin should not ever be seen by his target (with cut-scene exceptions).


I guess it just boils down to me not liking this. It seems like one step forward and two steps back. I mean it feels good from a puzzle game standpoint but I think they took the “assassin” simulator too far. It seems like Assassins Creed and not Hitman.


I don’t know, man, I still kind of cringe when I see that we can get away with stuff like this without being “spotted.” These visual distances.


  • God damn fiber wire animation, the
  • Fiber wire sitting targets
  • That guards know your exact location after a sniper kill
  • That NPCs can go orange on you without actually seeing you
  • The thing where 47 pauses in-place when you holster a pistol while walking or running
  • That guards are automatically suspicious of you just because they are aware of a crime, I.e., temporary “enforcer status” as the game’s only manifestation of suspicion
  • Others that I’ll think of later


This is just broken and highly annoying. Going by your logic, you could just learn to ignore the voices. But that does not really work does it? Same goes for poor programming choices like the delayed detection, or the horrible size of the view cones


( x ) That happens after shooting, Usually when you let go of Aim before Shot Trigger after shooting.
It’s causes an unnecassary delay and it looks very sloppy. It should be removed.


Literally everything from this thread


Yes I never got how it would factor. I hope it’s fixed.


Probably not a simple change, but yes: One of the big immersion breakers for me. All that security the player has to circumvent and civilians can just walk through because they heard a coin or need to go to the toilet…


Improved and smoother animations.

The most immersive thing a game can have is good animations, you can’t do a lot of things, like sedating and strangling someone when he/she is sitting.

More CQC animations

Better guns rather than reskins

Guns with better sounds

Detachable silencers

Human shield

Npcs noticing blood pools and blood droplets

Better blood patterns

Improved point shooting that can be turned off if someone doesn’t like it but it was a useful feature in absolution

Ability to hide faces for 5-10 seconds in front of enforcers, it feels stupid that 47 just stands there doing nothing if being spotted.

Improved music, i mean, the patient zero campaign has a nice tune and music during the briefing and especially during the last mission, but this game has the most forgettable music, the main menu theme is okay and the only badass theme is “Enemy of my enemy” when you engage in combat in Hokkaido. The music overall is BLAH, no memorable themes or ambiences just cheap, cliche, copy paste Jason Bourne music.


The ‘horrible size of the view cones’ is a thing that we in the real world call ‘peripheral vision’. The problem is that you’ve gotten too used to playing the game at the beginning, when the view cones were far too narrow, you could literally stand by the side of an NPC carrying an axe and they wouldn’t see you, totally unrealistic. It’s fine how it is now.

But with the door shutting and the karate chop pacifications, yes, those are broken, highly annoying, and need to be fixed. No disagreement there.

But the difference is, I get an odd satisfaction by working around those broken things and still getting an SA rating. For example, during a certain period of Elusive Targets last year, the choke hold pacification didn’t work. Half of the time it would result in a non-target kill. (Remember that period?)

During that time, you simply picked up more bricks, wrenches, lead pipes, etc, to make sure that your run had enough to KO everyone with a melee weapon instead of choke hold pacifications. And in a perverse way, there was some satisfaction to beating the game’s bugs. It forced outside-the-box creative thinking. Which is what Hitman is all about. How about rather than changing the view cones to fit your style, you change your style to fit the view cones. Use more distractions. Improvise.

However, there is no workaround for shitty, underfunded voice acting.


Not it isn’t, it’s ridiculously wide right now. Can’t take you seriously if you think the size is fine.

I get an odd satisfaction by hearing the lovely accents.

How about no. How about they tone down the size of the view cones, so you don’t get spotted by incredibly bullshit angles.

There is, you can simply ignore it. Or like me, get an odd satisfaction by hearing it.

No it forced restarts for no goddamn reason


You’re just being argumentative for the sake of it here. There’s no logic to any of your arguments, you’re just shouting NO in a loud voice and having a tantrum because you personally don’t like the way things are. Grow up.


No, you are trivialising things that you don’t deem important, so i return that favor by doing the exact same thing.

View cones are ridiculously wide, that is a simple fact.


It’s not a fact, it’s an opinion. You can’t tell the difference between the two.

You’re refusing to accept that players of the game have multiple viewpoints. Some, like me, think the view cones are fine, and some, like you, find them frustrating. That’s called an opinion, not a fact.

Just like some people think footsteps should be silent in trespass areas, and some don’t.

The game having too few voice actors is also an opinion, but it’s an opinion that everyone on the board shares. If you want to pretend you don’t because it’s important to you to try and score points in an argument, go right ahead.


So if i don’t share that opinion i must be pretending right? Because surely everone must feel the same way. I don’t give a fuck about that, and has nothing to do with scoring points.

You’re still trivialising huge issues by saying: hey, but i find it realistic, and i find it fun to work around these huge bugs. But voice acting? Nahhh you can’t work around that, and everyone agrees on this, and if they don’t they are pretending

And then you go even as far as to determine my playstyle, saying i have to change it up. How about you change your style to one where voice actors are a non-factor? Exact same thing as what you are doing.


Restart Should be #1 in my opinion. I can’t count how many times I tried to restart and ended up with the hassle of the save slots taking forever to load. At least on online contracts where it’s really irrelevant to have those buttons in the first place.


To be fair you are trying to push your opinion like it is fact. If you are fine with the problems this game has then go play the game. This thread we are discussing game breaking mechanics,obvious bugs, and things that just don’t make any sense. I can see why somebody can come across as argumentative to you but we are passionate about this game and would like to see the best HITMAN experience available to all players.