Simple but Needed changes before Season 2


They already explained the briefcase.


what you are doing is completely counter productive to both the growth of the series and growth of yhe discussion



this should solve your Problem, @Fortheseven


I wouldn’t mind if that’s what npcs wore


yeah, and forthe could finaly stop whining about this…oooh, wait, theres still the headturning :smirk:


Listen to what you’re actually saying, do you realize how much you’re in a tiny bubble with this?

Seven million people play Hitman. Seven million. For the vast majority of them, the focus is on the story campaign, the challenges, the unlocks. Hitman is fundamentally a single-player game. The game has thousands and thousands of lines of dialogue, and they are performed by a ridiculously small number of actors.

You are part of a small community of people - myself included - who focus on the user-generated contracts element of the game. Within that, head turning/view cones is a small component that affects users who want to speed run, and rely on predictability to do that.

It realize that it is not trivial to you, because it is a big part of a section of Hitman that you choose to focus on. Fine.

But if you want to step outside of the tiny bubble of top scoreboard-populating speedrunners for a moment (and I imagine that you don’t), here’s an eye-opening exercise for you:

Google reviews of Hitman from gaming websites. See how many contain comments regarding “view cones.” Done that? Now see how many contain “voice acting.”

Let me know what you find.

The difference between us is that I can see your point of view, you can’t see my point of view, and I can see the broader context of the Hitman community outside of this message board.

The absolute number one thing the series needs to do to grow is improve the voice acting, period. Videogamers buy videogames based on reviews, and the consensus - and this here is fact, not opinion - the consensus across review sites is that the voice acting was the first season’s biggest negative.


Then there would still be bodyturning tho if they prevented head turning. JK. But…

I agree with Frote




Kitana FTW


This topic is turning into a food fight; if you’re going to go realism with peripheral vision we might as well remove the AIs reacting and inspecting a tossed coin times infinity, or NPCs going “Ahhhh! Stop scaring me!” when you toss a single coin right next to them in full view. And at the same time we also have AIs nowadays not reacting to footsteps. GG.

The vision cones right now aren’t fun from a gameplay perspective (no pun intended) and once again here’s a good example:


to be fair sometimes NPCs decide to use one of these


I honestly think that the solution might be to give the disguise system a little more depth. I think one of the weakest aspects of gameplay in HITMAN is avoiding enforcers while wearing a disguise.

Go navigate through the halls of the Himmapan while dressed as sound crew. What the hell is that? You basically have to resort to “cover stealth” even though you’re wearing a disguise, which brings back shitty memories of trying to use disguises in Absolution.

All-in-all, I think this highlights something the game mechanics are lacking overall: Depth.


Again someone who think he has inside info about the majority. And has his own cute little view on it

  1. Size of the view cones influences everything, also the main missions and bonus missions, not just contracts
  2. Therefor it’s not small
  3. You are completely wrong if you think it only affects speedrunners. I’ve seen lots of players that aren’t speedrunners complain about this. Just a false assumption on your part.

And again the same false assumption, and you throw in a little snark remark aswell. Really cute. You are still wrong though.

So? You are completely missing the point, which i’m not suprised about given your earlier remarks.

No, the difference is that you are trying to dismiss issues that other people have pointed out by saying: hurr it’s more realistic now, durrr i like how i can work around this. Hurr durr they are not game breaking to me. You’re even suggesting to other people to change their playstyle.

But when someone deploys your logic and tactic against voice acting, then people are just being argumentative. Because voice acting is obviously breaking the game for you. And i’m the one living in a bubble? Please

False. Hitman is a game that’s primarily focused on it’s gameplay. Therefore improvement on said gameplay will always be far more important than immersive stuff. Period

Those sites should be taken just as seriously as steam reviews. Spoiler: They can’t be taken seriously


You couldn’t be more wrong. Assassins creed is “kill the target out in the open in front of everyone and flee” while hitman (this hitman) is kill the targets undetected 100%, even from the target. They are completely on different sides of the spectrum.


they tried to make it more like hitman with Unity, but they abondoned it lmao. go figure


I meant in regards to the npcs movement and lack of depth. It feels unpolished like an Assassins Creed game. Your right Hitman SHOULD be about taking out a Target in stealth but with all the problems at the moment it’s hard to play it in stealth and have an enjoyable experience. Gameplay mechanics are way to buggy and unforgiving.


Not really. They just made combat a lot more difficult to promote stealth. So I don’t know what you meant “they tried that”. In what way? It’s always been the same as I said in my last post.


they made the assassinations sandbox missions. with like opportunities and shit the whole shabang. you could essentially kill a target without even being spotted in that game.


Yeah it does look a little bit weird. Like you’ll be walking around in disguise blending in perfectly whilst surrounded by dozens of guards, but then an enforcer walks in and suddenly you’re hiding behinds tables in full view of everyone but the enforcer. The fact that NPCs comment on it doesn’t make it any less stupid either lol.

Maybe they could do something like narrow the vision cone down a lot for enforcers whilst you’re in certain disguises?

So obviously if you’re wearing something that doesn’t belong in the area, you’ll still stand out like a sore thumb to everyone. But it would kinda make sense that the enforcer wouldn’t be able to identify you as an intruder when you’re only in their peripheral vision and wearing the correct disguise for the area. As it is, wearing a disguise seems to be the same as wearing your suit when it comes to enforcers.


To me it seems like that viewconses / NPC behaviour have changed after the patch. I feel like the npcs’s are less reactive now and its easier to move past them. They also have a shorter viewcone I think. Did anyone else notice?

Anyway, why woud anyone even compare voice acting to view cones? It makes no sense. One thing is easy to change, with little to no effort, if the devs just want it, the other has to do with budget, which most of us already know was the reason they couldn’t get more voices, because of low budget.