Single purchase of colorado


Hi guys,

I have played the episodes 1-4 on my xbox. I have bought the episodes one by one up on theyr release. Today i wanted to buy episode 5 Colorado. I couldnt find an option to only buy this episode. It Is always suggested to me to buy the full Series for 60 eur which doesnt make Sense to me since i already bouhght 4 episodes. Can someone tell me whether it Is possible to only buy episode 5. i would be very thankful for an answer. Thanks in advance!

@Travis_IOI can you help me with my question?


You can dm Travis_IOI on this forum. Most likely your problem will be attended and resolved.


Are you using the in-game store? I remember Travis said they removed it or something from stores because they wanted to encourage users to use the in-game store.


Hi opal_hitman thank you for your answer. Yes i am using the in game store. By selecting the map for purchase i get redirected to the xbox Store. Is there another way to purchase the episode?


try if you haven’t. Often you can find stuff that seems impossible from the console or vice versa.


@Mhkey, I found your problem:

“Only available as part of a bundle.”



You can only still buy episodes separately on PSN. Xbox & Steam require bundle purchases now. Sorry man.


Hi RW_Slick,

thanks for your help! Thats what i found as well. I have to admit that this really sucks. Not happy to pay twice. I liked the episode model a lot. But to pay twice does not make sense at all.


Wait for Friday - there may be a sale!