SIREN\\ Says... 🚨 (Camera ‘Match-Up’ Game)

Welcome to Siren Says Siren is the brand name of the camera in HITMAN :wink:)

Siren Says... 🚨 “Click Here For Rules.”

Simple Rules:

Using “Siren” A player takes a photo of absolutely ANYTHING in any map in WOA.

You may edit the photo using the cameras settings how ever you see fit. (This part is optional.)
(Screenshot & upload the photo in a post.) Then the first player to replicate that photo of that very same person, place or thing and reveal the exact location will be declared the winner. Then that person repeats the process and so on.

Please note that a player may also “set up” a shot. Meaning: For example; Paris… Place two soda cans somewhere on the runway and a claw hammer and snap a photo. That could be your photo for others to replicate. The above was just an example, but I believe you all know where I’m going with that option.

Finally, there may be up to 5 games going on at once. No need to wait for just two people at a time… So grab “Siren” my fellow, Agents & let’s create a Kodak moment!

Have Fun!!


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First photo to replicate, Agents! A very easy one just to start us all off…

  • Replicate the following photo below.
  • Name the location of map. (Paris, Sapienza, etc…)
  • Name precise location inside said map.

:rotating_light: says…

And just to clarify… yes, you need to take the photo with the captions showing (along with the camera menu)

However… keep it mind, not all photos need to have the subtitles or camera menu ON. It’s just for this particular photo. For future reference, you CAN choose to “hide the camera menu” & “subtitles.” It only needs to be showing if the original poster has those shown. (Hence replicate photo.)

I just chose to keep the subtitles for the first photo, to keep a poster from simply taking a photo right away. When subtitles are shown, the photographer has to wait for the right time.

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