Skyrim Special Edition


Anyone getting this?

I never really fell in love with Skyrim when it first released, but I’ve heard a lot of people think it’s not worth playing without mods installed. So I’ll probably pick it up, since it’s getting mod support on console now.



I was going to but I don’t really see the point. I’ve already bought it 3 times (PS3, Xbox 360, Steam) and I’ve played through it at least 20 times between them. Plus PC has mods so the only reason I’d be buying would be for updated graphics. Skyrim is an amazing game, probably my most played game of all time, but I won’t be buying it again.

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I’ll be getting this for my PS4. I really loved this game by itself w/o the mods. I’ve put a ton of hours into this game in the past on the old consoles and it’s been a while since I’ve played it, so I’m really looking forward to replaying this with the updated graphics.



I heard it’s a free update on PC if you own the GOTY edition. which is nice.



Yep. Shame the same doesn’t apply to consoles but it wouldn’t be easy to do. Besides, I’m happy to pay £50 again.

I preordered it a few months back. Only a week to go now :smiley: I’ve been excited for this since it was announced.

EDIT: To PS4 players buying it for the mods, be aware that they’ll be extremely limited on Playstation. If you’re only getting it for mods I’d advise not buying it and getting it on Steam instead.

Xbox is fine though :stuck_out_tongue:



No, i played it to death on PS3, over 400 hours, so i’m done for good :smiley:.



… I think I went way past 1000 hours, and I’m not yet done with it.

Like for real, I didn’t play another game for like 5 months after I bought Skyrim.



Did Sony and Bethesda finally get that figured out? I thought they had settled to just not have any mods on ps4 unfortunately. :anguished:
OT- I put at least 6 to 700 hours on this on the 360 then shelved it for a couple of years, I’d be happy to play through it again but Mods make it all the more worthwhile.



I bought the game like 2-3 years after release, played it until I reached the first town and then quit. Thought it sucked donkey balls. 2 years later I picked it up again. Played for some 40 hours or so, found out about mods and suddenly the game became playable.

The “updates” done to Enchanced Edition is something they should have done years ago, now it feels more like the last breaths of a dying Dovahkiin. :wink:



Invested my 2-3 years, daily 2 hrs average, to skyrim after it was launched.
My character was bosmer named “Erdir”. I also tried couple of other races like nord warrier, dark elf mage but they were short lived. I love achery, so Erdir was all along with me in the journey.
Now I really don’t feel like playing it again as I have done literally everything multiple times and there is no sense of discovery to it after all these years.



I don’t think I have ever played Skyrim.



I played it at my friends briefly but don’t remember it much.



I heard you can only apply mods that use the games assets, you can’t use any external files. So no Super Mario or Star Wars skins on PS4.

I’m more interested in the mods that change game mechanics though. I’ve heard of some of the mods that turn Skyrim into a proper RPG, rather than the Action game it is.

I’m hoping some of those those use internal assets, or have new versions released that support PS4.



They did get it sorted out but PS4 mods can’t use external assets and I think the limit is less then half that of Xbox? (2GB)



Oh I see. Sounds like a situation that’s less than ideal.



I’ll probably wait till after launch so see what kind of mods are available on PS4.



I’m getting it for free so definitely. But I probably won’t be playing it extensively since my modded Skyrim still looks 10 times better than the Special edition and has 10 times the contents.



Yeah I’m on PC so I’m going to get it for free huehuehue.

Going to make a wood elf with a stealth build relying on nothing but a strong backstab. Then join the Dark Brotherhood as soon as I can and kill the emperor with nothing but my dick and a knife. After that I’ll join the legion and kick Ulfric’s racist ass. That and install a lot of mods, some of them I might be ashamed of.

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I’m so jealous of anyone playing games on PC. Starting college next year so probably won’t have the kind of money I’d need to build one for a while.

I just read a bit about PS4 mods on the Bethesda forums and from what those guys saying, they are going to be extremely limited. You can’t even insert new scripts, which means no new quests or any of the survival mods which I was most interested in. Basically, if your not on PC or X1, don’t get this for mods.

I was going to sell my X1, but now I might hold off for a while. Fuck. I thought Gears 4 was the last thing I’d want for it, now I’m doubting myself :sob:



Gears of War 4 is on PC as well, running so much better with better graphics and potentially could get mods (most PC games have at least some mods).

I switched from PS4 to PC last year, never regretted the decision. Just for Bethesda games’ mods alone it was completely worth it.