Slam Dunk, The Source

Hello everyone.

I finally purchased Hitman2, but before diving into Vol. 1, I decided to give full playthrough to Legacy missions. I am almost done with few frustrating “challenges” left to complete.

One I am struggling with right now is Slam Dunk.

I understand there were changes to how the game works which make this achievement more difficult to pull off then it used to be. My question is: is it even possible to do right now?

Fire extinguishers don’t contribute anything as: explosions don’t trigger them, and they have little to no impact by themselves.

What’s worse, explosives don’t seem to trigger each other either. I put underneath her two CX Demo Breaches (remote and proximity) and an explosive duck, but I am able to only use one to propel her. I tried to shoot as many of them at once with automatic weapon, but I am yet to get an improved effect.

A single explosive seems to propel her almost enough.

EDIT. I don’t think even combining explosives does anything. I thought I had it - I used a guard to investigate the body and activate proximity explosive, while I manually trigger remote one at the same time. I managed to synchronise it perfectly couple times, but the effect is always the same. She seems to be affected by only one source of explosion. :pensive:

Such a good game. But some of the challenges are idiotic and simply not fun. And I like my 100%

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2 coins + breach charge and you’ll be like Jordan in '88 :wink:

(Do it from the side and place her upper torso on the BC and it will work majority of the time.)


I tried that a while ago, it didn’t work for me :cry:.

This is a known issue for IO-I and they are working on fixing the FE + explosives explosion, I can’t finish this challenge either, I’m waiting for IO-I fix it, so leave this challenge for a while, so you don’t go crazy :joy:, I almost have gone crazy because of this challenge, I didn’t have a huge problem in Hitman 1, but it’s almost impossible to do now, so I gave up and hope IO-I fix the FE + explosives explosion.

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Really? I did this about a fortnight ago, made a save point just before and it works like 8/10 times for me… what angle are u doing it from? I struggled from the side (next to the door) but when I dragged her to the corner of the canopy it worked within a couple of trys, maybe give it another go from that angle.

Also use 2 coins only… 1 coin won’t be enough, 3 coins will send her into space.

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I tried it many times, saved and reloaded countless times, I can’t try anymore, I’m afraid I will loose my mind :joy:, I will patiently wait for IO-I to fix it.


With the coins, yes, I tried in front of the door, but with FE, Ducks and BC from almost all angles.

I will save the save, so when it is fixed, I can easly go back and finish this challenge, but for now, I have had enough of it :joy:.

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Lol fair enough, I know your pain mate, we’ve all been there at some point with this challenge :sweat_smile:

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Just throw the explosive baseball at her head from behind. Ive heard that working for people

You Legend!

Thanks a lot. Coin/breach trick worked like a charm. Sent her butt nicely into the canopy is just two tries.


Cool! And congratulations :smiley:. Where did you place her body?

(Now I just have to try again :joy:)

In a corner, rather then from a side, but not too far from the canopy. Perhaps a bit more then a meter away from the pavement. I had to re do it from different angles. First time I put charge directly on top of coins and the body flew directly upwards.

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Yes!! Finally!! I had to restart, because, I discovered I didn’t have the BC, but a Demo Block and that wouldn’t work with coins :joy:, but BC + Coins worked, so after 5-6 tries, she finally landed on top of the canopy.

And finally 100%

:tada: :grinning:.


It was the only challenge that I did not reached.
I am playing on PC and really believed that I will never achieve this challenge.
Thanks Wormerine, I place 2 coins and a BC and the body on these items (why 2 coins ? !!!).
And have to move the body very little change until the body go where I was waiting !!
About 20 try at least . But I have now 100% in all destinations

But how stupid challenge it is…

Without moving the body, the explosion reaction is different between each save so in fact, it is completely random.
For unfortunate people it could take 100 try before reaching the goal.
I think that IO could modify the code in the manner that when BC are under the body, the conditions are enough to send Yulduz in the canopy.

All thanks to Firepower for bringing this trick to our attention. I merely asked.

I think what is happening is: the breach is hitting the coins, and coins are interacting with the body and launching it, rather then just the explosive itself. Two coins have enough momentum to push her body high enough, while on wouldn’t have enough, and more would accelerate it too much.

Bankok must be cursed. First coins sticking to the mirror most of the time, later this one. I hope that whatever stupid challenges H2 will have at least will work properly.

Huh, maybe I’ll try this coin trick and see if I can finally unlock this. I still won’t have “Drop the Mike” from Mumbai though, I’ve tried it 100 times and am convinced it will never work.

@Wormerine . For coins & mirror in bankok, the new release in Hitman2 has really simplified the challenge.
But, yes , it is a stupid challenge :wink:

@StingingVelvet, “Drop the Mike” is not difficult, follow different video showing how to do, there are also good tips on steam forum if you are playing on PC
For Slam Dunk challenge I have placed the body as indicated in the video posted by Firepower in this post
Good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve followed the videos 100 times, it doesn’t work. I don’t know if it’s glitched now or what (some people say it is).