Slaying a dragon(simple & underrated)

One of my favourite missions in the hitman series & a bit of a hidden gem I think. Yes I know it’s a remake but in contracts it has the advantage of being set on a rainy night which ads something extra. But I’m not here to talk about the aesthetic.
It’s the simple nature of the hit that makes it so good. One target & that’s it. But of course its deeper & there’s more to it than appears on the surface. Sure you could just shoot the target; a triad gang member & run away & be past this mission in a minute or so. Or like many great hitman levels you could explore & find many classic hitman ways to kill this target. There’s sniping from various locations, poison, explosive. It’s maybe my favourite level from contracts & if not it’s certainly my most played.
Like I say it’s its simplicity that makes it stand out for me.
I think this would make a great tutorial level for a new player(something that the series has struggled with) It is as simple or as hard as you make it. It has hidden depths & showcases many of the ways to kill a target in a hitman level & in my opinion it’s an underrated level. If you get a chance go back & play it & enjoy.


I like it as a quick sniping mission but it isn’t remarable at all. Not bad, but neither too good. In any matter, it’rs representation in the Legacy Trailer was amazing!

Like I say its what you make it. It can be a quick & easy sniping mission if that’s all you want from it.

I remember there were both poison option and also an explosive way if you stole the equipment from that other hitman. You’re right. In perspective, it’s pretty cool.

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Glad I could persuade you :wink:

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Apart from all the other cool stuff you can pull off, you can snipe him, poison his tea and blow up his car.

I agree: it’s a wonderful mission.

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