Small hitman youtube channels


Hey everyone, I know many people here in the forum have small youtube channels (like me), and we all want more subscribers. So, I know we all like hitman (right?)
In this thread we will help each other by leaving a link of your channel.
The purpose of this is to find the small youtubers that play hitman. We will support each others.
Everytime you post a new video, you can leave a link of it right here, we all like hitman and we will help each others channels.
You can’t have more than 500 subscribers to participate.
Here’s my channel:

And my last video:


Good idea @Bending_Cheese67

Well, my channel is not exclusively about Hitman, but if anyone wants to have a look, I’d appreciate it:



@Garamoth I just checked your channel and it seems cool, i subscribed :wink:


This is practically a duplicate Topic


@GTAJJ This thread has a different purpose, the other one is for all kind of youtubers.
This one is for the small youtubers to HELP EACH OTHER growing their channels.
Exemple: One of us posts a video, and the other ones will support the channel by watching the video, and giving it a like


You could post it in main topic for people to watch no? Playthroughs on here get many views as you would expect. I’ll leave it up to staff anyways :slight_smile:


@GTAJJ Both threads have different purposes anyway… :wink:


That’s a nice idea! Mine is…


@05prash05 Don’t forget that you can leve here a link when you post a new video


Check this out and let me know if you liked it :slight_smile:



I’m uploading a 6 challenges in 1 video for colorado right now :wink:


Here’s my new video ;):


Y’know, since this is a small Youtube channel topic, I was wondering, did any of you guys ever receive a penny from Youtube? I’m doing a channel just for fun and to catalogue personal videos, but I admit I’m tempted to get “money for gaming”, y’know, as a symbolic thing, especially considering it would amount to less than a tenth of minimum wage when you factor in the time spent. Roughly how many views would it take to get that 100 $ check that you have to accumulate before they send you anything?

I’m also suspecting almost everyone uses an Adblock of some kind on the web too. That must affect things, no?


I did have a very strict upload schedule on my channel, but I am taking a long break now. I uploaded the first couple of missions of Codename: 47, and the whole of Absolution.

Check it out if you want:



Your channel looks cool I subscribed :slight_smile:


I present to you the shitiest hitman channel on youtube. Enjoy.


Here’s my recent channel, on which I upload my best runs : there’s not too much, I own the game since the physical release. Hope you’ll enjoy !

Here’s my last video :


My channel has mostly Hitman content right now, but I’ll be covering most Stealth games that release. I usually edit down 15 to 20 minute playthroughs into quick 5 minute videos. Let me know what you think.


@Keith96 I subscribed to your channel :wink:
It looks really cool. You deserve more subscribers :wink:


Thanks mate. I’ll check yours out later on