Small hitman youtube channels


My channels very small, I’m going to get more active this year though (I hope)


Here’s my new video:


I don’t mean for this to sound rude, so please don’t take it the wrong way, but it’s against the forum rules to post the same thing multiple times in different threads. I get that you want it to be seen, but it’s annoying for other members to see the same thing multiple times.


@ShadowClient Sorry, I didn’t knew it…


SA/SO/Fiber Wire/No KOs run of ET 21:


I mostly just do Elusives now since I’m a full time student and don’t have time during the week. Also post discussions on the new updates. Nothing extraordinary, just a casual gamer doing these missions. Since I don’t have much time, the planning of missions usually happens around the time I actually do them.

Do check out my channel. Thanks.

P.S. Seems like there’s already a troll there who keeps disliking every single one of my vids. :frowning:


@GKPunk Having a troll disliking your videos means that your channel is growing :wink:
PS: I subscribed


Appreciate it. @Bending_Cheese67


You need to earn about $200.00 to get a check from youtube. Viewwise, my most popular video had 188,000 views and has earned about 93.00 dollars, hopefully that helps.

Anyway, here’s my Hokkaido, Suit Only, Silent Assassin, No Loadout Speedrun.

Hokkaido: Suit Only, Silent Assassin, No Loadout, Professional Difficulty Speedrun

I’m not sure if I’m considered small, but I love this idea, I used to be obsessed with DmC, even got invited to Ninja Theory’s studio and they implemented my mods/ideas into the SE version of the game, but my new obsession is Hitman, so lets see where it goes.




Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Hm. I am not close at all to that check. :disappointed_relieved:

I have no idea what’s going on in those Devil May Cry videos, but I assume it’s good. Those monsters become quite dead and there are a lot of "S"es. Nice work.


I’m glad you deleted that.

Assume nothing pal. Sounds like you’re the one that needs a beer.


Wasn’t sure whether to post, as my channel is more of a space to upload and share things I’ve enjoyed playing (rather than a ‘channel’ in the contemporary sense with commentary and all that).

Anyhow, I play and upload contracts most days, plus ETs and a fair bit of the main cross-platform HITMAN content.

There is bits of other games on there (mostly football related). Absolution also arrived yesterday, so I’ll be going through that again soon too. It was my first taste of Hitman, but I was in the midst of a PhD when it was first released on PS3. Apart from a couple of standout levels the rest of the game is hazy to say the least, so should be fun seeing how it compares and reflects back on the current game.

So yeah, if you want to see someone bang average playing niche contracts on the regular, by all means drop by. Think I’ve got something like 63 subscribers atm, so here’s to 70 by the end of the year: let’s make this dream a reality. :laughing:


Are you mad?

Love your channel, but I haven’t made a YouTube account so I can’t sub. Plan on doing so soon though (I won’t post)

What’s your PhD in, out of curiosity?

Edit: Subscribed :wink:


The research was based around the effects of technology on human perception and behaviour (how it’s introduced and how we interact with it). It spanned the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, so cited a variety of cultural forms from that period, but used the Industrial Revolution and rise of the US as a superpower as a social/political/economic starting point. I was attached to the English Faculty, though in less archaic institutions it would probably have been bracketed as a ‘Cultural Studies’ thesis. Hope that makes sense! It’s sometimes difficult to explain things in full within the confines of these little white text boxes.

Considering time spent on the game, and some of the stuff we have to put up with, then yeah: most probably. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks though, I know you’re into the game and its narratives so I appreciate the positive feedback.


My new video ;):


New Video:


“From Russia with love…”. I think you will be interested -


My new video:


#Welp, some of you may know… But this is mine! Mainly about Hitman, but has other shenanigans! Take a look! :smile:

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