Small hitman youtube channels


Here’s my channel, going by the name rattleshnake.

I basically just upload Hitman videos, I’m most proud of my elusive target playlist which features every ET except for 1, 2 and 11. I feel like I started to get decent around The Guru, the SA challenges were forcing me to be more careful.


My new video:


Level 5 of the newest Escalation:


If anyone is into mini movie role plays, here’s a few of my cinematic episodes that I’ve done. Lots of custom stuff to it.


I’m doing my first ever playthrough of Hitman : Contracts live now on youtube


@introvert_ I might check it out later, i also played a lot contracts today if you need help :wink:


Really want to watch it, but don’t want to spoil it as it’s the one game I barely know anything about


I know absolutely nothing about it either, we could learn togeather :stuck_out_tongue:


@introvert_ @Silverballer If any of you need help with the beggining, I SA’d all missions til Beldingford Manor


Im gonna go into it completely blind, but if i get really stuck i’ll let you know


@introvert_ I’m keeping an eye on the stream :wink:


I’d boot up my laptop and get playing if it wasn’t 1 in the morning.


Watched the entire stream. Its always fun seeing people play Hitman First time. Although it is Cringy at times yet it kinda reminds you of your own first playthrough.


My Freedom Fighters Pro SA/SO run with fibre wire only :slight_smile:


You are superman, i can’t even SA/SO it with accidents lol


Took fookin’ days to perfect! Thanks :+1:


I want to make videos but I’m having trouble recording sound with FRAPS, I just made a topic in the Creative Corner if anyone can help me


If you have Windows 10 you can use the Windows 10 Dvr it records Til 2 hours


i’m on windows 7 lol


If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can use Shadowplay.