Small hitman youtube channels


I’d get one if I knew it would work, but I’d likely have the exact same problem with it


Nope, you wouldn’t have a problem with it. :slight_smile:
And for Fraps, it’s mostly to do with the settings. Check if you have the “Record Windows sound” or a similar option turned on.


I’ve tried everything


Do your own sound effects.


Use OBS to record videos


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thanks for the help guys, I got it all working, but now I just have to wait for my new CPU and GPU to arrive so I don’t lag … so many times I’ve played and thought to myself, “damn I wish this was recorded”


How every hitman youtube Channel Started out:

Shot out to ma friend @introvert_ 2244


I don’t have a YouTube account so I can’t subscribe but I really like your realism videos, I think I must have watched them all.

I think I might start watching your Rise of the Tomb Raider series, seeing as that’s what you’re on at the moment.


Are you saying all of my videos shouldn’t follow this format?


Lol. ofc they should. Its just stating how it is. :grin:


Thanks mate! I have Skyrim and Rise of the Tomb Raider ongoing at the moment, but I’ll finish Rise first, as Skyrim is everlasting. :slight_smile:

If you like classic puzzle solving RPGs, do check out my full playthrough of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. It’s an amazing game!



Everyone in this thread:


Im streaming Blood Money tonight

plus taking a shot everytime i die
EDIT: highlights of the stream


@Kotti :open_mouth:
20 chars.


tl;dw gimme monies nao


Hmm… so now no more monetization is possible if you have less than 10 000 views on Youtube? That would explains why there are no more ads on my channel now. I guess it does make sense, but it’s annoying to have the change made after the fact.


damn, that’s a shame,

I guess it’s better to ask your viewers to donate if they enjoy your content anyway, good to be less reliant on these whiny corporations